O Captain, My Captain(s)

It had been seemingly forever since either of the boys got new collars and I was starting to feel the urge pulling at my Paypal account pretty strongly. Gosh, thinking back and using all of my brain power, I’ve deduced that the boys haven’t had new collars since Valentine’s Day. Ugh! How have they survived this long?


I knew it was getting time for a new Sirius Republic collar and I had some criteria for these new works of neck art. I wanted them to be similar and match but not be completely identical and they had to be extra awesome. I’ve noticed Juli’s neck has been a bit pink lately underneath, so I’ve been pretty mindful to take collars off when they aren’t out and about but these would be special in that I decided to have them lined with soft fleece.


I debated back and forth on the Super collars or the Captain collars and in the end, after saying “Super Julius, Super Ray, Captain Julius, Captain Ray,” over and over I decided on the Captain collars which I would be able to do in both blue and red.


I must have added sixty several collars to my cart and removed them until I felt like I had the right formula. Blue for Ray and red for Julius and then further decided on the 2” collar for Juli while Ray has always looked better in the 1.5” and when I finally decided after perusing my cart obsessively for a day or two that these boys would look like the little Captain Americas that they are, I clicked and sent off my order.

Clearly the waiting is the hardest part, but when I saw from the tracking site that they would be delivered, I practically camped out at the mailbox was overjoyed when I finally was able to check the mailbox.

Captain Ray

Captain Ray


Unfortunately, they were both too diva-ish to share the spotlight and insisted on solo photo shoots.

Captain Julius

Captain Julius

But that’s ok, because I don’t think these could have been any more perfect, do you?

9 thoughts on “O Captain, My Captain(s)

  1. They look awesome! You sound just like me spending tons of time deciding and changing my mind over collars, then waiting anxiously for their arrival! And after all that, the collars they wear 90% of the time are their $20 no brainer buys from Amazon:/ Go figure.

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