Woof for Loot!

As you know, we are occasional contributors over at the Doggyloot blog.  We answered a call to be a contributor and were selected with the thought that we could contribute at least once a month or more if we wanted.  To be honest, I used to get the daily deal emails, but just had to unsubscribe because I didn’t purchase often enough to want a daily inbox filler.  We still followed them on Facebook, fortunately so that we could see this opportunity arise.

For me, the ability to reach even more people with the message of Pit Bulls as just dogs and occasionally slipping in our passion  for volunteering and rescue was exciting.  The new list of contributors to the blog is pretty varied and there’s been a lot of good information, so I hope you’ll subscribe.  The loot on Doggyloot has been pretty awesome too, with of course, great prices.

Recently we were told Doggyloot wanted to send us a gift for being contributors and we should give them an idea of what we might like.  I perused the website and decided the sixty venison sausages would be great because I could have plenty for the boys here and still take plenty to the shelter for sharing.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and got not one package of sausages but three as well as this Kong Wubba, and a package of stuffies to share too!


Woof loot.

Woof loot.

There’s a lot of cool stuff over there so I hope you’ll go check them out. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something great.

*True, I did receive a pretty great gift but I was not asked to write about it. I just wanted to share.

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