Wordless Wednesday (redux)

I’m a dork and apparently haven’t consumed enough coffee yet.
We’ve been fortunate to be in touch with two of Ray’s three litter mates and yesterday we received a picture of the fourth, Sonny.
So, here is a collage of the four survivors of the litter and their mama, Sparkles.


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (redux)

  1. That’s so cool! They all look so different. I can see the resemblance between Ray & his momma though.

    I really wish I knew what happened to Kaya’s litter, especially her sister who was kenneled with her when I met her. She also had 2 brothers that were already adopted out. Her sister was adopted out soon after Kaya. I often wonder if I’ll spot her somewhere. And Norman was a lone stray.

  2. Blogger emailed me with your comment, but when I tried to look at my post to reply to it, it had disappeared! So I’ll just reply here and say that the 5k we did allowed you to walk with your dog, and many people did (my spouse L included). I would estimate it takes just over an hour at a comfortable pace.

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