The Meatball Factory

Possibly because I poked a little good natured fun at a fellow blogger recently, the cosmos made sure that I got to experience the meatball-maker first hand. Sunday is our day for The Bully Collective’s Pack Walk and Julius heard something with his “boy ears” at seven a.m. which put him in a dither.


Ray and I were sitting on the sofa after the boys ate their breakfasts and Ray was gnawing on an antler which Juli was eyeing with something akin to envy. I said to him, “Why don’t you go get your own antler?” But what he actually heard was “Why don’t you go-blahblah-BYE-BYE-blahbla.” So he immediately parked himself in front of the door and willed me to take him bye-bye.

For nearly two hours he sat and guarded my exit, ignored my suggestions that he go outside and finally got my agreement to leave 15 minutes early for Pack Walk. I figured we could at least gear up and possibly walk around when we arrived.


Our walk venue was along leaf-covered paths in a lovely cemetery and about half way through, one of the members observed that Julius was walking with his tail between his legs. I kind of shrugged it off since it was so cold, he didn’t really like wearing his Halti, and I wouldn’t let him trample through the piles of leaves so after a bit more walking one of the members behind us stepped on some poo. Odd, those of us ahead mentioned that we hadn’t even seen it but onward we all trekked. A few paces later and the walkers immediately behind us realized that Julius was plopping meatballs as he walked! My poor baby was so focused on going for his pack walk that he wouldn’t do anything else until he couldn’t wait any longer. After a quick pick up we again set off only to pause again for what seemed like the world’s longest potty break.


I guess I’ll need to make sure all of Julius’s bathroom needs are accomplished pretty early before he catches wind of going on an adventure for the day.

7 thoughts on “The Meatball Factory

  1. 1. I obviously love the title of this post! 2. You are one of us now, the meatball makers! The ones who walk our dogs and look back and see the trail! hahahahahahahahah! i love it!

  2. Oh bless him. BD will often forget and numerous times he will be off having fun, I will remind him he hasn’t been to the loo and so he stops what he is doing, performs, and then picks right up where he left off. It doesn’t half make me laugh!!

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