On my personal Facebook page I posted a picture of the nightly accommodations Ray and I have been sharing.

I captioned it to the effect that he shouldn’t be going up and down the stairs so we’ve set up camp on the living room floor and we’ve been touched by all of the well wishes and concern.
You may remember that his vet diagnosed a torn acl back in the spring and recommended surgery, specifically a TPLO surgery which she is not able to perform. While expense is not an issue, I’m not yet sold on the need for this. Ray is flat out not good at the vet. His anxiety levels skyrocket and he pees himself and screams screams when he’s touched. So while his vet takes extra time with him, sitting on the floor and getting him comfortable, the diagnosis is based on an occasional limp, no x-Rays and no manual sensation. (She hasn’t felt his knee.)
The other issue is that I know his nails need to be trimmed. We do this over extended periods of time where I sneak a snip while he sleeps so it’s a never ending process. If I could get them all done and even we could better judge the limp when it occurs.
In the meantime, when we feel he needs a break, we Two camp in the living room.


6 thoughts on “Two-sday

  1. Poor Ray! Is it worth sedating him to get x-rays? And for the nails, have you tried a dremel? I planning on trying it out. My dogs hate nail trims too so I’m really bad about keeping up. They let me do it but they pull their paws away which makes me nervous.

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