A Tale of Two Pitties

If you’ve been around rescue long enough, you see those easy dogs and you see the not-so-easy dogs and then there are the really hard dogs.  This story is mostly about the middle one.  But first, a little bit about Lucky, or as my daughter was calling him, Lucky Duck.  The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition was working on a foster so that we could pull him and the first one we tried was a definite no-go.

Lucky is about a year to a year and a half old and the prospective foster dogs didn’t want anything to do with a youngin’ so he sat at the shelter a few days longer until my sweet daughter stepped up.  Asia has been on a break from fostering and we’ve tried a couple of dogs with Sugar who seemed unwilling to pay it forward and accept another foster sibling but we decided to give it a try.  Sugar met with Lucky and it was completely uneventful so with happy hearts we loaded the two into cars and headed to Asia’s where Chance awaited.  And completely took issue with another dog being near his mommy.  Since we had another foster lined up for Lucky on Monday, Asia agreed to keep him overnight and on Saturday while running around some, we would deliver him back to the Coalition’s veterinarian’s office for the weekend.


Photo by Asia

Lucky is one of those dogs who weasel their way quickly into your heart with his big-headed, floppy lipped awesomeness. After running our errands we were both nearly in tears thinking he’d have to go back to a kennel even for a weekend so I began searching my brain for an alternative.  Finally, I decided to call an approved adopter who was waiting to meet a couple of our other dogs.  I explained to her that while we had talked about Lucky possibly being too large (at 72 pounds) he actually wasn’t too big (it being mostly head) and that he is also completely awesome.  Being that they lived nearby, they came to meet Lucky and decided to take him home at least until Monday to convince their female dog that she loved him too.  After just half a day I received a text confirming that he was awesome and the following day a text arrived that he was too awesome to not become a part of their family.

Lucky has that je ne sais quoi that everyone just responds to immediately which contributed to his finding an home practically before becoming officially available.

Brown Bear is a completely different story. As you can see, they look quite similar, though Lucky weighs in at 72 pounds, Brown Bear might be closer to 50 pounds.


Brown Bear

However Brown Bear was pulled into rescue in August, has been adopted and returned once and has gone two other times to prospective adopters for a trial run only to be returned. He is now in his second foster home and while everyone has great feed back and has been heartbroken to not take him, his search for a forever home continues.


When I first met Brown Bear, I admit he wasn’t my immediate favorite due mostly to the sound of his bark which sounds like something between a duck and a rusty nail scraping on slate.  After spending more time with him I see his sweet and loving soul.  He has lived with children from toddler aged to 18 years old, other dogs and with cats.  I’m told that he was extremely appropriate with the young children and that his only downfall is his exuberance while walking on leash.


He is the strongest small dog with the biggest heart, ever. Someday his family will come and he will be settled, so until that day, he has a small army of caretakers to wrap him in love and help him along on his journey.





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