Giving Thanks

Much like my post at the end of October detailing why I didn’t participate daily in Pit Bull Appreciation Month, I chose to not do a daily thankfulness post in November. While I have done these posts in the past and I enjoy reading those of others; some have been silly and sweet and some very somber and I “get” why we do it, I have to admit that I didn’t think I could muster thirty things in thirty days that would cover all that I am truly thankful for.

Why?  Because when I sit and ponder all that I am thankful for I know that the list would be long and yet still incomplete so in a backward sort of thankfulness post, here are some of the things I am blessed to be able to complain about.

I lost my little Pampered Chef chopping  tool and haven’t seen it since April.  In April after having lived in a house we absolutely loved for only 16 months, we moved to our new house for Ray.  I love this sprawling home with all of the storage and none of the stairs so that our dog wouldn’t have to try and climb up and down every day.  I’m thankful for an understanding husband and all the things that made this move possible.

I have to get my roots touched up every four weeks.   In my mind I still have the same brillo pad Roseanne Rosannadanna hair that I had when I was 13 but in reality, my hair is healthy and grows at the rate of nearly an inch per month.  I’m thankful that things do change, plus I love chatting with my stylist.

Sometimes the house is too quiet. My daughter is forging a beautiful life of her own in her own home.  She and my granddaughter are on a great adventure together and have blossomed in their independence.  They’ve also opened their home by adopting two wonderful dogs and fostering others.

Sometimes the house is too loud… and messy.  Because they still come to visit.  Because we have friends and family who fill our lives and hearts.

I feel like I have very little free time.  I’m fortunate to have a job that I like and one that allows me the means to pursue my passions to be a part of some wonderful organizations who make a difference in the lives of animals.  Through the Allen County SPCA I’ve been honored to work with the Pet Promises team to assist pet lovers in the underserved portions of our community and through the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition I’m able to help save lives and enrich homes through adoptions. I’m especially honored to serve on the boards of both organizations.

I can no longer wear my diamond wedding set. I’ve (obviously) had plenty food and drink on my table, so when the extra pounds layered on I waited too long for safety and ended up harming my finger for quite some time.  In the meantime, I poured over pictures to get ideas on how I would have my rings reset, after all shouldn’t this reset be big and bold for all to see how the love Kevin and I have shared has grown?  No, not necessarily.  I wear a new symbol of our commitment on my finger and it is the silver band he bought me last year for Christmas.  On it is engraved “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  I’m thankful for loving someone who “gets” me.

And finally, I can’t find a way to couch this in a complaint, so I’ll just end by saying how thankful I am for all of you.  For anyone who has ever stopped by here and for anyone who has ever commented, I thank you for hanging in there with us and for letting us share a piece of our hearts with you.








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