Deck the Halls

Christmastime, or the Holiday Season, or whatever you call it is a time we get to pull out the totes of decorations and peek into the homes of our friends through pictures and posts.  I love having our Christmas decorations up and especially more so now that we’ve added prelit trees to our home.  The past few years we’ve played around with color schemes and added all the pretties that went with our most recent former home.  This year I was excited to see how the holiday decorating would unfold at this new house.  I’ve always abided by the no decorating before Thanksgiving rule, but this year I felt motivated and  the beautiful snowfall on the Saturday before sent me over the edge and I pulled out the tree and trimmings. (Timehop tells me I decorated early last year too.)


I’m freakish about the wrapping paper matching the tree.

Although the fireplace in the living room still needs to be refaced and the mantle needs to be replaced, we are moving in the right direction. 


  Trim painting continues and has moved to the dining room, so there are a few things that haven’t yet been decorated, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

When do you decorate and do you switch up the design ever?

4 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

    • Thanks! The silver and white are all in the living room but I loved doing the golds/copper in the dining room. Now to figure out the kitchen…

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