Runnin’ Down the Road

**If you’re newish around here, you can read more about this amazing trip here, here, here, and here.


My trusty TimeHop tells me that one year ago today was the first day of #TheBigTrip that Kevin and I embarked on.  At the time I thought it was a Bucket List trip and little did I know that it would become  possibly life-changing.  A person at work who had encouraged me to make these plans had suggested that I journal about the time away and though I had a small notebook and jotted notes down, I hadn’t shared yet.  So, figuring that the anniversary was a good time, here we go.


Made it to the plane!  Kevin has not really stopped his nervous chatter but that’s ok.  Used the trick of booking the aisle and window seats and it worked out-no one took the middle seat. Score!  We did, however switch sides with a guy wearing a leg brace so that he could extend his leg on the seat. 


We are delayed as the wings get de-iced and I am waiting for this all to feel “real.”

That evening we met up with a Blog/Facebook/Instagram friend Emily, Jay and the impossibly irresistible Mercy Pi. I love how people who are passionate about their dogs and about rescue just gravitate together.


The drive on AZ87 is absolutely breath-taking.  The forests of cacti that rise up from the brown earth is amazing to this Hoosier girl.  The rock formations seem to (illegible word) as if some ancient giant had stacked them for is own amusement.  


Near Rye the vegetation changes and Saguaro give way to evergreen-looking bushes and enormous Yucca.  The tall pines and snow  of Coconino National Forest give way to broad stretches of scrub as we travel the last leg into Winslow!


Feeling solemn driving through the Navaho Reservation.  Red earth to the right, brown, gray and black to the left the scenery is sobering.


Last night I barely slept and when I did I was plagued with dreams of missing my volunteer shift.  Best Friends is a well-oiled machine and everyone is so friendly.  Our sleepover guest, Magnolia, was great.  An Elderbelle!


RIP, Magnolia


Sydney was hard to leave behind.




Convinced Kevin to stay so I could volunteer for one more shift and got to walk Mya!

The song from Dirty Dancing keeps running through my mind.  (I’ve had) the time of my life.  You can definitely tell who the volunteers are, especially new ones by the bright, shiny light in their eyes and the glow on their face.

Heading to Vegas I just want to cry.  As much as I looked forward to it, it was never as much as I looked forward to the other parts of the trip and I’m now feeling homesick.  I want to be open for the next leg of the trip but at the moment am only feeling down.

It’s 4:29, we’ve checked in and Kevin is showering.  I’ve never felt more out of place standing in the hotel lobby in my rubber Wellies and red dust covered jeans.  When can we go home?


I must note here that this was the end of my hand written notes.  We did meet up with very good friends who are like family but as a new friend said to me, Angel Canyon calls to me and I will be back.  I’m meant to be back.

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