La Femme Nikita

On a cold Day in late November, a little mama and her newborn litter of seven puppies found themselves in a cold, loud municipal shelter. Staff there knew that was not a proper place in which to raise a family so they contacted the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition for help. Springing into action, the coalition members racked our brains to find a foster who could take a nursing mama with her precious young babies. 

My thoughts immediately jumped to my sister. She had previously and successfully fostered several litters of puppies, she had no other dogs and had the time. The only drawback was that she lives about two hours away.  Fortunately she agreed to foster the little family so the next day our board president and our treasurer packed up Nikita and her eight day old pups and drove them to the next chapter of their story. 

As is common for the Coalition, the puppies all found good homes as soon as they were 8 weeks old leaving  Nikita with an empty nest. 

Since Nikita is now ready to leave her baby making days behind her, she caught a ride to Fort Wayne with her puppy Bruce (formerly known as Dash) who was being puppysat by my sister for the weekend. 


Riding to the next chapter.

Naturally, my sister, who had grown so attached to Nikki wanted to make sure she had the best of the best foster waiting and I assured her that Nikita would be fostered by someone who I would entrust with my own dogs.


Getting to know her foster sister.

Nikita is an easy dog; my sister says its like fostering a cat. She’s a good mama and a sweet little girl who was very good when meeting her foster sisters and brother. She is a dog who was once well loved and suffered some unlucky breaks. Whe she arrived at my sister’s home with her seven pups she was sporting painted toenails. Someone had loved this little girl and now she’s ready for some love and security. Could you be the one for her? 


Nikita is small and sweet and ready tomake your life complete. 

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