It isn’t often that we get to read posts from our Juli-Bean, but he’s more all about the fun than about the writing but he asked to send you all an update on how he is and how things are going with his big brother, Ray.

Hello to all my lovely ladies out in Juli-land!  Even thoughs it’s my mommy who usually writes and sometimes it’s other dogs I have lots of deep thoughts too that I’d like to shares with you.IMG_5187

A lots of the posties around heres are about other doggies who needs homes and those are the times when mommy leaves us and then comes home looking all happy and smelling like other doggies. My brother Ray-Ray and I always like to give her the sniffies all over so we can figure out who gots new homes. She said that pushy girl Lucy gots a new home with a good dude who is her new daddy and he loves her for all of her quirks. Goods for her, we said to mommy as we sniffled all over her. We used to be unhappies when she left to do other doggie stuff, but she told us that she does its because that’s how we gives back from when we were rescue doggies.  Now we are happy too when she helps other doggies find homes.

The other good news is that my big brother, who is much mores of a baby than I am, went to the doctor recently and when he got home he said his legs are all better now so sometimes we get to play outside together like we used to.   

Sometimes we play tuggs and sometimes I run around really fast and he bounces after me.  No one is fast as the Juli-bean.  Mama says so, so it must be true.

Have a happy day, everyone!

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