Marley Monday

It’s been quite a while since the last Marley Monday update and I’m sure you’re eager for one so I thought it would be nice to hear one in his own words.

My friend they call Deb came over the other day.  Even though I pretty much love absolutely everyone who meets me, she is my special friend.  She came to get me when I was sad and lonely and she brought me to this great home with my dad. When my Deb came in the door, she was a little different than usual.  She was crying a little bit, but then I ran to her and she hugged me and kissed me like she always does so I figured everything was good.  After all, who can look at all this hunky handsomeness and be sad?

This day was special because I used to always have to be still and not run around but this day we got to go outside and play! I showed my friend how I do zoomies around the yard and romp like a big piggie in the grass. 

I get to do that now because I got rid of all of the wormies that used to live in my big heart. Those wormies were pretty sneaky too because I went to my doctor’s office to take a test to make sure the wormies were all gone, and I went to sleep and when I woke up my bottom parts felt really different.  I think those wormies took something with them when they left me. My friend told me that I had a whole village who helped me get well, so…thank you Village! 

I had a really nice time playing and snuggling with my special friend.  She and I have a very special bond.  

When we were hugging she told me that she would always love and protect me and I believe her.  I love her very much and I know she loves me. After a while, though, I heard my daddy say something funny.  He asked when I could be officially his little boy (I thought I already was??) and my special friend said, “Right now.”  I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but my daddy got really happy and that made me happy too.  I found out that was my ‘doption day.

My friend and my Daddy talked and wrote scribblies on paper then Daddy said, ” I never knew what I was missing until this guy came into my life.”

And we lived happily ever after…



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