Ray’s Legs Redux

Or in this case, redux is a little bit of a stretch.  Originally when I made Ray’s appointment, he was to be brought in Tuesday the 5th but Kevin and I had some maneuvering to do with our vehicles and thus decided to reschedule for today which would make two trips in two days to the office.  Juli’s annual visit was yesterday and he completely rocked it.

As is customary the office called yesterday morning and left a voicemail reminder about Ray’s appointment and upon hearing it I began to shake.  They clearly didn’t “get” what I was trying to accomplish so after I calmed a bit I called the office.  Ray was not  coming in for an exam and a possible x-ray.  Ray’s anxiety at the Vet’s office was so high that I couldn’t subject him to that type of waiting and anticipation.  Fortunately, the office manager answered the phone and got me in touch with a staff member who knows Ray.  Knows him well.  She and I talked extensively about what has been going on with Ray and since he really has been walking better since the two incidents and is newly on some new arthritis supplements we decided to refill his Rimadyl and cancel the x-ray for now.


I obviously keep a very close eye on him and all manner of how he walks.  I don’t take his legs, his health or his pain levels lightly so with all of that in mind, we are in a holding pattern for now.  We will resume his walks and slowly build back up to where we were.  He is still dropping some extra weight so that should help to alleviate some joint stress and for now we will just continue to live and love as ever.


Thank you, everyone for all of your good wishes and for checking in.  I can’t express how touched we are for your friendship.

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