October is Pit Bull Awareness Month

I can’t say that I’m any more aware of Pit Bulls or Pit Bull type dogs in October than I am during any other month, and I’m not big into celebrating things just because someone tells me to but would rather celebrate little things with my guys just because.  That isn’t to say that I don’t love the idea of a month dedicated just for the block heads.  I think they deserve it as does every breed, style, make or model of dog.  We should celebrate our four-legged friends often.

When reading about the situation in Montreal, I can’t help but feel bemused that some of the pro-BSL folks are contending the “millionaire pit bull lobby” (google it, I won’t link to it) are trying push their agenda that BSL doesn’t work.  Yet on the other proponents of BSL contend that criminals and dangerous people are the ones who are attracted to and wish to own Pit Bulls.

I am neither a millionaire nor am I a criminal but I do like to fancy myself a dangerous person in the “don’t fu@k with the tiny middle-aged Korean” sense.  Do I have a lion tamer complex?  I do not.  I rather see myself as someone who loves her dogs and revels in the fact that they love me back just as whole heartedly.  I love my avocation of helping to place these wonderful dogs into loving homes where they fulfil their obligation to hog the sofa, snore like pigs and love with hearts bigger than their heads.

There’s no point to this other than to reiterate that my dogs, like all dogs are individuals and I will continue in my self appointed role of protector  and defender of these fat heads until I can no longer draw a breath.


I’ll leave you with this: today I met this big lug head of a guy.  All 83 pounds of him just stood and wagged his tail at me while I bent to pet his snout and he mimiced my movements till he was lying at the fence to kiss my finger.  He and I went for a short walk where he tried his best to show me his good leash skills until a squirrel would happen by.  Luckily for me and my arm, I’m an old squirrel spotter from way back and have some impressive skills myself so we struck a happy balance for the duration of the walk.  We walked just far enough for me to fall madly in love.  If you are interested in adding the biggest mush bucket to your home, visit the Allen County SPCA and ask to visit with Abel.

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