That One Kid in School

Last night was session two of puppy class and we had a special guest in attendance.  Ray’s littermate, Dahey was in school with us and I was excited to see if the boys would remember each other and how they would react.  Dahey has the sweetest face and is such a doll.  I really can’t say whether or not they “remembered” each other per se, but they got along moderately well considering the puppy I brought to class last night was not at all the one who hid behind his mommy all of class last week.

This week, Ray was that kid in class who makes fart sounds with his armpits, throws spit wads at the backs of girl’s heads and makes goofy faces to distract all the other students.  Needless to say he really lived up to the Pit Bull Terror Terrier name. It took nearly two minutes for him to warm up in class whereupon he began straining at the leash, play bowing to all the dogs, and trying to engage in doggie conversations.  Luckily, he listened to the trainers as did I so we had a nice practice session this morning before work. 
During playtime after class was slightly different.  He got in a little over his head with the weimaraner and tucked it back in briefly.  With brother Dahey, Ray was kind of a jerk, attempting a little humpage and not backing off even though Dahey clearly asked him to.  Looks like the little monster prince needs some play dates to learn proper behavior. 
If you have completely fallen in love with Dahey’s picture, though, please visit SmilingK9’s to fill out an application to make him yours.

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