Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Wednesday seemed to just drag on.  I think Ray and I were so physically and mentally exhausted from Puppy class on Tuesday night that we just really needed some down time.  Well, at least I did.  I spent most of yesterday just fighting to keep my eyes open and even had pizza delivered to work so that I wouldn’t have to stop for it on the way home.
Kevin, who was home with Ray most of the day, reported that Ray was very good all day and especially so with our neighbor when she came to visit.  Looks like Ray might have found himself a dog sitter.  I just love this neighbor of ours anyway.  She is like a second parent to us and she also has three kitties, like we do.  One of her kitties, Chico, is pretty shy around most people except her, but he adores me which makes sense, since Ray seems to adore her. 
So, after work, my thought was to take a nice walk and practice some of our new training, but I was feeling so tired and it was raining, so we settled for a nice inside treat.  Ray and I ventured upstairs to kitty world where he discovered comfy blankets and plush pillows surrounded buy jingly toys.  Ray had a rousing romp for a nice 10 minutes or so, went outside to potty and settled with me on the sofa and nearly immediately started snoring.
I guess he was tired too.  We were both in bed by 8:30.

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