Feline Friday-Jae Steps Up

Boo Kitty, being a field cat that came to live on our porch and a good mouser, had several litters before we got her spayed.  We’d kept various kitties out in the country and had intended to keep a kitty that looked just like Jae, but was taken from our porch.  Jae came from the final litter and we brought him in as an inside cat as soon as we could.
Ever since he came to live inside, Jae and I have been close.  Kevin used to joke that if he didn’t know any better, he’d swear that I gave birth to Jae.  He seems to be part Ragdoll, and is a full on cuddling fool.  He is a wonderful TV watching companion when you’re cold because holding him is like having a warm, soft blanket on your lap. He is sweet, verbal, floppy and compliant like a Ragdoll, likes shiny objects, leaps in the air for strings and complains loudly when asked to remove himself from a table.

Surprisingly, Jae is the first kitty to seem to make friends with Ray.  While Miko sits beyond the puppy gate and peeks at Ray, Jae jumps over and sits on a table lording over the floor-bound pup.  While encouraging Jae to take treats on the floor, I encourage Ray to stand still.  Not always easily accomplished, but with hard work and vigilance, I’m hoping we’ll get there, someday.  Luckily for right now, Jae is still faster and lighter on his feet so he has the advantage. I’m hoping that if this doesn’t turn out to be the best friendship, it will at least turn out to be a peace-a-bull assembly.

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