Bath Time and Peanut Butter

Sunday night is bath night whether it’s needed or not and to date, it has been needed every Sunday.  Each time we begin bathtime, I think  back to when my sister first got her cat.  She decided if we gave him enough baths he’d “learn to like them.”  That never did happen and luckily we still have skin on our arms.

When I began bathing Ray, I wanted to make it an experience that if he didn’t grow to love it, he would at least learn to tolerate it pretty well. This post made me stop and think about ways in which to make Ray feel more comfortable in the tub, but I think I’m a little more impatient than Julianna, so here’s what I came up with.

I smeared peanutbutter on the inside of the tub and just let the little piggy enjoy himself.  It wasn’t the neatest solution, but hey, the bathtub is easy enough to clean up and now so is Ray.  There is a video of this buried in the depths of Droid hell and if I ever get it transferred, I’ll be sure to share.

Now at least once a week I can count on a sweet smelling, soft little puppy.  I really have to add that with each passing day/week, I grow even more amazed at what a good learner he is.  Now, by good learner, I mean he picks things up quickly but of course the terrier in him doesn’t give it up all that easily.

Do you have any wonderful bathtime tricks?

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