A Blue Day

Today is not a good day.  I don’t know if it is hormones, puppy-ness, frustration or a combination of all three.  We are steadily plugging away in puppy class knowing full well the benefit comes from (me) learning the behaviors and expectations and then working with Ray on these with mind-numbing repetition.
Arm-pit-fart-kid from last week was back last night and because he wouldn’t settle and focus, he was pulled aside to work with one of the instructors individually.  I viewed it as the kid who acts up so much he has to put his desk next to the teacher’s at the front of the class.  I viewed it as a failure on my part.
My frustration lies in the fact that he behaves so well at home and he did so well on our nature walk that I know he can do this.  I know he can.  He does it.  Any shortcomings have to be placed squarely on my shoulders, whether  it is not enough time, practice or patience.  Well, I know this is a life long commitment.  Training is not just the six hours in class.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  Training is the constant repetition.  It is work.  You don’t get a dog and hope for the best.  You work for the best, just as a professional athlete might be born with a special talent or ability, he or she fine tunes it with hard work and drilling.  The time I invest upfront will pay off  in the long run.
Today is not a good day, but let’s try and  salvage it. 
This is Keelin, who is available for adoption through SmilingK9’s.  He is a happy, sweet little guy who’s tongue is always sticking out like that in the most adorable way.  If Keelin is the kind of little guy you would like to share your life with, fill out an application today.  More info on Keelin here.

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