Godzilla Invades Kitty World

For many years, the kitties have been the center of our pet universe and knowing we were planning to get a dog, I felt loathe to disturb their existence too much and mentally made myself a note that the kitties will still rule the household.  Yeah, that didn’t happen so much.
When the little prince came along, so many of the kitty-driven rules flew out the window and one of the final blows came when Ray learned not only to climb the slippery bamboo stairs, but found that at the top of said stairs was an entire room just for kitties!
This magical place had carpeted floors, soft pillows, fluffy blankets, and baskets full of squishy, jingly, crackly kitty toys.  Oh the joy for a little puppy!  While the cats occasionally sit in their cubes or chase ghosts through the crinkly tunnel, they don’t actually spend too much time alone in Kitty World, so I do like to treat Ray to some short, supervised visits, especially to give him some exercise on rainy days or after a bath when he is still a little damp.  Certain toys are off limits and are secured out of reach before said visits, but for the most part, he wholeheartedly enjoys his little forays upstairs.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was a bit affected by catnip.
On anther note, I was in a pretty dark funk yesterday and forgot to mention how squee-licious I felt over my first real blog comment!  Be sure to go visit Emily and check out the beautiful Lucy Lou that she is fostering.

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