Feline Friday-Don’t Mess With Jae’s Mama

One of the thousand many things we are working on with Ray is to “leave it” the kitties.  So far, I’d say 35% of the time and climbing, this is working while the rest of the time?  Not so much.  Now that we are trying to expand the horizons upon which Ray can tread by removing the baby gate from the kitchen to the hallway we have to be extra vigilant when he spies a kitty coming downstairs to eat.  Jae is still the only one who will enter the kitchen or family room while Ray is mobile, but he is usually fairly careful upon entrance to know how far away Ray is and how fast he needs to move.
Another behavior we are working on is a gentle mouth.  This as well shows remarkable improvement, but still has miles to go.  I do still use the “ow” yelp as well as removing the fun (myself) from the situation until he calms a little, but after reading this, decided to maybe incorporate a pretend cry if the mouthing got a little too rough too fast.  After all, Ray has begun teething and I think the mouthing, while more controlled is sometimes a little too hard.
The original mama’s boy.
Well, one morning Ray and I were near the fireplace which is on the far side of the room and he got a little to rowdy so I decided to fake crying to see what would happen.  The only problem with my plan was that I’m pretty hormonal right now so the fake cry turned into a real, live crying jag.  As soon as he heard a distress sound coming from his mommy, Jae started meowing and raising a ruckus.  We watched in amazement as Jae walked through the kitchen, across the family room floor, up onto the sofa and across to the coffee table where he sat and got right in Ray’s face to scold him.  I think Ray was stunned into stillness. 
No one messes with Jae’s mama.

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