Weekend Update (a little late)

Like seemingly every weekend during the warm weather months, last weekend was busy, busy, busy. For nearly the past year we’ve had our home on the market as we were looking to move closer to where Asia and I work but most importantly we wanted an inground pool. The last few summers have been scorchers and we’ve dragged the poor pool guy out here to give us an estimate each year and then while weighing the options have demurred. We felt like buying a home with a pool already done would be the more cost effective way to go. The down side, one of many, is that we’ve put an awful lot of work into this house to make it ours and we kind of hated to walk away from it. I guess we needn’t have feared. Throughout the past eleven months we’ve had our highs and lows and have finally come to the decision to stay and install that darned pool.
 So part of last weekend was dedicated to installing part of the new privacy fence between us and the neighbors while waiting to complete the remaining sides until after the pool installation. We also attended our neighbor’s surprise birthday party, another neighbor’s graduation party and celebrated Kevin’s birthday which was on Sunday. With all of the events and people around, I have to say Ray was on his best behavior. Actually, I don’t even know if that was Ray. We had such a good, social puppy who minded his manners at (nearly) all times. Sometimes, if you’re only six months old it is hard not to beg, but he was awesome. One of the highlights for me was when one of the people who came over (who owns a Bull Mastiff mix) saw Ray, asked what he was and said, “he won’t bite me, will he?” Why was that a highlight? I was able to calmly educate her on Pit Bulls and the negative impact of the media and then Ray set about charming her so that she was soon sitting on the ground petting him and oohing over how soft and sweet he is. Score one for Pit bulls!

By the time Sunday actually rolled around, Ray was pretty much the victim of a fun hangover so he slept and generally chilled nearly all of the day.

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