Pit of my Heart

I love how things in the interwebs are so connected and how sometimes falling down a blog worm-hole leads to an entire blogroll of great reads.  I’ve grown to love the Pit Bull blog community and have learned so much though the writings and suggestions of all of the responsible, Pit-loving writers out there.  So as we read that our friends at Our Waldo Bungie were participating in Blogville Pittie Post Day, we decided to do the same.
I’ve written already about the day Ray, his mama Sparkles and the rest of his litter was rescued and born, which is the day we will celebrate, although celebrating the “gotcha day” might be a bonus.  So what should I write about on Blogville Pittie Post Day?  How about “my first Pit Bull,” whom I never actually lived with.
Ah, Little Draco of the sweet demeanor and quite ways. 
When Draco was rescued he had a broken leg and was in the room indicating that he was “on the list.”  The fact that he screamed every time he tinkled in the house gave some indication of what his first few months of life were like.  The great folks at Smiling K9s Rescue gave this sweet soul a new lease on life and that is how I met him.  I was transporting him and some of his foster brothers to an event and my heart just melted when I saw him.  He was so sweet, soft and loving and I loved him immediately but also knew he wasn’t meant to be mine.  Over the next few weeks as I transported him to events I would tell him, “Draco, I love you to pieces, but you are not meant to be my little boy.  Someone else is out there looking for you.”  And it was true.  I only knew him for a short time before his forever family found him, but he will always dwell in a special place in my heart as well as being instrumental in leading Ray to me.

4 thoughts on “Pit of my Heart

  1. From the mom – we are Team Beaglebratz – me, Shiloh'n Shasta. Loved your post for Pitty Post day. We are new to your blog and I hope to be bak to read more. I love learning about pitties – such an amazing breed. I am at work rite now so don't have much time to read – hope to be bak later.
    Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

  2. That's what the momma says to all of our fosters…she loves each and every one of them with all of her heart and would keep them in a heart beat, but only, they're not meant for us. They will be so perfect to complete someone elses life and by adopting them, we have room to save more. We always hold a special place in our hearts for all the pitties that come into our lives! Hope to read more of your blog! Thanks for joining in on Pitty Post Day!

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