Leaps and Bounds

What often surprises me is whenever Ray and I go to Green Dog goods to pick up some more food, supplies or just visit they comment that he has doubled in size since the last visit.  I find that hard to wrap my head around, being so close to him.  But as I look back at old pictures I see just how fast he is growing and how much he is changing.

Gotcha Day 1/19

Oddly enough each week in the early days, it seemed to me that he was growing quickly and I felt like he rapidly lost his puppy-like features.  In retrospect, I think I was seeing one type of change while staying oblivious to another.  I know he outgrew his clothing at an alarming rate but he seemed to have the same collar for ages.  I’m sure the anticipation of our first Sirius Republic collar made that situation seem like it dragged on forever.  He finally reached the stage where I felt safe to order the 15-17 inch collar when I measured his neck at 14.5 inches.  By the time we actually received that collar, we weren’t able to use it at the smallest setting.

April 16th

Throughout most of May he seemed to pretty well plateau off as far as growth, though he still got the growing comments from people he hadn’t seen in at least a week.  Since he had been growing so quickly, though I try to make a habit of taking him in to the vet to pick up the heartworm and flea meds so that I can weigh him while there.  The last visit was a little early being around the 23rd or so and he was still right around 43 pounds.  Imagine my surprise when I weighed him over the weekend and he, with three attempts just to make sure I was seeing this correctly, weighed in at 51 pounds.  Despite becoming a big boy so fast, there is something that has remained the same:

He is still Mama’s lap dog. 

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