Weekend Recap

Hello, friends!  I had a very busy weekend and it was a super one because I spent so much of it with my Mama.  On Friday when she got home from hiding from me all day work we went to my favorite store and met some new people.  The people there are so nice to me and they called me their favorite customer.  Mom and I usually go there every Sunday, so our Friday visit was a big surprise.  We bought my usual bully sticks and we also got a hoof and a little squeaky toy.  FYI, though, if you get bully sticks at Target, those are on recall right now.

On Saturday I helped Mommy with the laundry.  Usually that is when we practice sit/stays but this time Mama forgot and I came away with a little prize.  I got my snout on one of Mama’s socks and instead of the usual trade for treats, she did this to me.

She put one of my stuffies on my head which confused me enough that I dropped the sock out of my mouth.  She’s such a silly Mommy.

On Sunday we watched Football in the evening and ate what Mom and Daddy call “football food.”  It was so much fun and I was a pretty good boy, even though all I wanted to do was eat lots and lots of football food.  Earlier in the day, though, we didn’t get to go on our Sunday visit to TSC, because Mommy had a migrane and I had to take care of her and make her feel better.

It worked and Mommy was feeling better so we could watch the Big Game.  She also wanted me to say that our hearts go out to Raven’s Wide Reciever and fellow Pit Bull daddy, Torrey Smith, on the loss of his younger brother.  Your family are in our thoughts.

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