A Monkey for Christmas

I gotta little confessin’ to do.  Even though this is my second Christmas, I’m treating it like my first.  Last year I was a really little baby and I barely got my eyes opened when this thing called Christmas happened, so this year I didn’t really know what to expect.  I did get to help Mommy decorate this funny green thing in the living room and then I sat nicely while she pointed the flashy thing at me and I even helped her put shiny paper on boxes.  Personally, I think boxes taste just fine without the shiny paper, but whatevs.
But two of my kitties are kind of mean to me and they like to say mean things to me that sound like “hhhhssssssss” and “waaaaah.”  They told me that I was naughty this year and that Santa doesn’t like naughty dogs but I think my kitties are just being mean because the Santa did come and he brought me a new monkey! 
You might remember how much I love my favorite pal, Monkey, but what you might not know is that Monkey died in November.  He might or might not have gotten de-stuffed after six months of being my best friend, but that is a pretty long life if you’re a stuffie at my house.  That’s gotta be like a bazillion and forty two years in stuffie years.
The kitties got stuff from Santa, too, even though I think they are the naughty ones.  I think I’m gonna find a way to play with them soon, cuz I love kitty toys.

Guess what else we got for Christmas!  One of our bloggie buddies, Pawsitively Pets created this cool 12 Days of Christmas post and my handsome mug is in it not once, but twice! 

And?  We’re featured on Coffee with a Canine today, too!  All of this Ray-Ray love might go to my head, except Mama said that tomorrow she is finally gonna spill the beans about why the kitties said I was naughty this year.

I see no reason at all why she would want to go and do a crazy thing like that.

3 thoughts on “A Monkey for Christmas

  1. Sounds like a great Christmas, Ray! I can't wait to check out your spot on Coffee with Canine! As soon as I get around to answering their interview questions, Athena will be features on their blog as well!

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