Magic Mushroom

Ray’s Daddy was out of town most of last week so he wasn’t around to see all the great loot Ray hauled in but recently we had a conversation that went like this:

K:  “What’s this?”
Me:  “Ray’s new magic mushroom.”
K:  “What does it do?”
Me:  “It dispenses food and treats so Ray’s brain can be stimulated.”
K:  (Turning it over and around in his hands) “How does it work?”
Me:  “Ray must be smarter than you because he figured it out right away.”

What are your favorite food and treat dispensers?

9 thoughts on “Magic Mushroom

  1. We've been looking at getting a few more of these and starting to use them again with the pooches. We LOVE the Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball (which I think is now the Toys R Us Treat Ball…?) We also have the Kong Wobbler which we liked because it was a little harder than the Tricky Treat Ball. Tess also really liked the Busy Buddy Twist n' Treat – but Edison ended up chewing it (during his first few months with us).

    Ray's magic mushroom looks like fun!!

  2. We haven't seen the mushroom in pawson yet…we have one treat ball here but Gizmo pretty much ignores it…Been thinking about putting his meals in it to get him going

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