Sleeping Dogs

In our old house, bedtime would be preceded by me, Julius and Ray snuggling on the sofa for a little bit of TV time. The boys would usually fall asleep and I would nudge Julius off the sofa and into his crate to be tucked in for the night, while Ray got covered by a blanket on the sofa. They both mostly stayed in the kitchen/family room areas behind the baby gate and only had the run of the house when supervised, which mostly prevented them from helping themselves to the kitty food and litter box buffet.

At this house, Juli-bean still has a crate set up but that is now only for the work day and we started off with both boys sleeping in our room. It worked out better than we had hoped for at first. Julius had a little area on the floor that he nestled into and Ray slept on the bed with us.

That lasted two full nights until Julius realized he was being afforded second class canine status and hopped on the bed sometime after midnight. Here’s the dilemma: Julius finds a spot and stays in it all night and Ray constantly finds new positions. First Ray sleeps between us, then he wants under the covers, then he wants to be out of the covers then he wants to be in the covers…you get the idea. Actually once he finds a good spot under the covers, he sticks there longer, but he can’t be shown the good spot, he has to find it on his own. And then there’s the snoring. Ray snores. Apparently he snores loud and long which keeps Kevin up but for whatever reason, I find it comforting and as soon as he snores I fall into a deep sleep.

The solution so far has been to have Julius sleep with the girls. Since he doesn’t fidget, he wouldn’t trample them like Ray would and he still gets to sleep with people at night. The first night went very well but on the second he stood at their door and whined a bit. He finally settled on the bed and I had to wake him up in the morning to go outside.

I know Kevin would prefer Julius who is less of a fidgety bed hog, but Ray is my spoon dog, so we’ll just keep working at the sleeping arrangements.

Do you have sleeping challneges in your home?

7 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs

  1. Our boys were separated at birth! Melvin is a snuggle bunny however he can somehow take up the whole bed! I don't know how he does it! Jake on the other hand is in his 'box' across the room and his honk snores can be felt through the floor boards, up through our bed! Oh well, maybe sleep is overrated???

  2. Ugh – we have this problem every night…and it gets worse as the winter wears on! Because it tends to be chilly in the bedroom, BOTH dogs want in the bed. While Tess lays parallel to us under the blankets, Ed must lay (and hog!) the blankets and somehow takes up the majority of the bed!!

  3. When Shiner was sleeping in the bed with me, she was quite the bed hog lol. She does snore too and sometimes she twitches in her sleep. And sometimes she'll let out a howl while she's dead asleep lol… she has some strange sleeping habits sometimes.

  4. Haha, Norman sounds like a Julius. He finds his spot and stays there all night but miss Kaya is more like Ray. She has to be under the covers and then I think she gets hot and slowly moves out from under them and then she's cold and gets up and shoves her nose at the blanket until I lift it up for her to burrow under again and repeat. I wonder how many times it actually repeats in the night…

  5. With Joker we don't allow him to go on the bed. My husband, and I love him so, but we need our space. So I have no idea how he would behave. With my cats on the other hand we do allow them on every now, and then. They all sleep quietly except for Lupetto. Lupetto starts laying on my face, pawing me for attention, purring non stop, and is always moving around. Sometimes I have to sleep with my face towards the pillow, because I'm afraid he scratch my face!!

  6. We are having the worst sleeping time right now. Since we've moved Boomer wants to sleep with us and he's taking up the whole bed. I can get comfortable with him but my hubby can't so we're, from what I understand, going to have a talk about it at some point…. uh oh!

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