I once read an article or something where in the course of filming A League of their Own, Rosie O’Donnell wondered what’s so great about Geena Davis; she doesn’t do anything.  Then  when viewing the scenes later she said, “Oh, I get it.”  (This is all from memory, so forgive me if it is somewhat inaccurate.)  Geena Davis in her stillness is regal and commands attention. 

That is Poppy.

While it is quite well known that I am dog-selective and prefer the block-heads to the pointy-snout crew, the moment I saw her gliding through the kennel area my jaw dropped to the floor. 

Throughout our moving and settling in process, we’ve had so many people in and out of our home and we heard quite frequently that our dogs look intimidating.  That is invariably followed by a comment of how sweet and well behaved they actually are.  I guess to those who aren’t familiar with these types of clowns they can look like large oafs ready to bum rush you. 


When I entered Poppy’s kennel, she stood stock still and didn’t react.  Her stance and posture did not make me feel that she was on high alert, but rather more like an aware/alert.  Like she was taking in everything.  I stroked her neck and her back, rubbed her ears and when I dropped my hand to my side, she asked for more attention by sliding her head under my hand.  I leashed her up.  She was absolutely a dream as we trotted out to the back yard.  The yard is sectioned in three areas and I took her to one of the back and E took Cindy, a young, exuberant boxer mix to the front area where we could chat through the fence and see if the dogs would play. 

Poppy wandered around and was finally not immune to Cindy’s charms and they trotted back and forth along the fence a bit so I picked up a tennis ball and Poppy chased it down and trotted around with it in her mouth a bit.  Glimpses of the ability and desire to have some fun, which was a welcomed sign.  She’s bony-skinny though not emaciated as if she was once well loved and tended to but maybe had fallen on hard times. 

The second day I spent with her, I was greeted with a nub wiggle!  True to her Geena Davis channeling self, it was a controlled wag but oh-so-rewarding to me.  I took her out quickly for a potty break but since she was shivering so much, we went inside and played, petted and cuddled in her kennel.  When it was her turn to get a bath, I helped and then dried her off extra well in her kennel, wrapped her in some warm blankets and stroked her head till her shivering subsided and she fell asleep. 

I sat with her for well over an hour and when I finally moved, she stayed wrapped in her warm cocoon, as I hoped she would. 

This girl is about four years old and just the most regal and loving dog.  I had brief visions of her in our home and somehow see something like Snow White and the two dwarfs or a queen and her two court jesters. 

I know there are some Dobie lovers out there and she will be adopted soon, so I’m just going to network her and enjoy any brief time we might share. 

If you know someone who will cherish this regal beauty, send them to the Allen County SPCA.

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