Crazy Dog Lady

I have a friend who is not a dog person, but is in the process of understanding our particular kind of crazy.  So many of the things I take for granted as normal, my erudite friend indicates that he is keeping tabs on my sanity insofar as being an indulgent dog-mom.  I imagine most Peace-a-bull readers may not be too far outside the fence of crazy dog lady-ness and will nod while reading or perhaps scratch your head wondering which part is crazy. 

During the holidays when I’m in a spending mind-frame, I find it easier to pick up little things I need for around the house.  I tend to do so much more shopping on line but every once in a while slip into a store with a purchase in mind.  With our most recent bully stick order, I wanted a beautiful and airtight container with which to store our purchases.  Those plastic zip top bags don’t always get closed properly and then the kitchen begins to smell like something unsavory to humans but oh so delish to the canines.  With that in mind, I embarked on a search for a bully stick and duck foot container that would be beautiful and fill the back corner of the counter under the cabinets in that dead space. 

Looking at them filling an empty space, I was struck with how well they worked out.  Because they are nearish to the coffee maker, I thought it would be great to get some more of these because they could work really well as canisters.  I then realized they actually are canisters.  Yes, it really took me that long to get there.
As I meandered along in my CDL world, I got a message from my friend cautioning me that my toes are beginning to slip over the edge and to tell you the truth, I had no idea what could have triggered the message.  I spent the day posting the usual pictures of the boys, shared a few things, liked a few things, etc.  A normal day.   
In the middle of the night it hit me.  Pajamas for Pitbulls.  I didn’t put it with the crazy because a) I hadn’t ordered any and b) I had suggested them to a friend who, if she thought I was crazy, did not indicate it. 
I was also bemoaning the fact that the boys ended up without new Christmas collars.  I had won some in the Bully Mart auction, but Julius outgrew the one I purchased in October for him.  We had to “make due” with the one red and white collar and the lovely Paco.  I let Julius wear the Paco yesterday and he was acting all sassy and full of himself.  In all honesty, it looks GORGEOUS on him so he deserves to be sassy.

He’s sexy and he knows it.
Really, though, I’m just an empty nester with a still full nest.  With Asia and the baby here I try to keep a balance of being the Yaya so I stay out of the way as much as I can.  I’m here to help when needed but for the most part am not needed too much.  When my own mother was here for Christmas and saw the hanger full of collars the boys have, she made mention that they have more comforts than many children in the world.  Humbling.  I think I do my share, though who doesn’t occasionally feel they should do more.  With that in mind, my boys are my empty nest babies and yes, they have lots of “belongings”  and sometimes their Daddy thinks I’ve gone overboard as well.  In those times I scale it back for awhile, so no pjs for these boys. 


6 thoughts on “Crazy Dog Lady

  1. Mom Kim here (another crazy dog lady) I wonder what your friend would think about – instead of standing in line outside Target or Kmart for Black Friday, me and sis (she has a Westie but sis is not quite the crazy dog mom I am – yet) anyway, on Black Friday, we were standing in line waiting for PETSMART to open and the first presents I bought were for the Beaglebratz. I love those pajamas and will look them over more closely when I get home from work – Shiloh especially cannot wear the typical medium size suggested for Beagles and is really a bit stockier than many Beagles – he is 16″ and carries a big-boned frame.
    Mom Kim

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