Late for Work

Friday the thirteenth has had nothing on today.  Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed like you were swimming through molasses?  Yeah, that was my morning.  Traffic was backed up by apparently nothing, because by the time I got to my exit, there was nothing amiss.  Once on the next road, what did I see but a little Boston Terrier running across four lanes of traffic.

Google image.

 Luckily I was very near a vee in the road and able to pull off to the side, because by the time I parked my vehicle, a semi was stopped and honking at the little guy.  I waived the semi on because he couldn’t see that the dog was no longer in front of the truck.  As he pulled away, the next layer of traffic was at a standstill.  I started calling and baby talking to the dog and after some lady, you are an idiot blank looks, invited him to chase me which luckily he did.  Right about then, one of the business owners came out of his shop and the little Boston took one look at the banana the guy was eating and ran right up to him! 

The little dog was wearing a collar and allowed himself to be scooped up by the banana guy who said he’d take care of calling this in.  I’m hoping the little dude makes it back to either his loving home or to one who will keep him out of traffic because there won’t always be a crazy woman in 4 inch heels braving traffic and ice or a kind banana man to save him.

7 thoughts on “Late for Work

  1. Aw, you're both too generous. I feel like the banana man was the impressive one for taking him in temporarily. A quick stop at lunch determined that “Oreo” who had been missing since yesterday has more been reunited with his family.

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