Ah, Valentine’s Day. My awareness of the impending holiday was mostly limited to a notification of the Valentine’s Day hashtag trending and remembering that Julius was scheduled to attend the Valentine’s Day festivities at daycare. I was vaguely aware that I should probably write a blog post for the week and toyed with some ideas that were really just too lame to expand upon.


The hubby and I went out to dinner last night to what could qualify as a romantic dinner since he’ll be out of town for most of the weekend, but truth be told, I’m not that romantically inclined anyway so what might be a good topic for today? Dogs, of course, or adoptions and adopting love etc. could be a topic but I just wasn’t feeling it until some inspiration arrived in my text messages.


My daughter flew down to Texas yesterday to visit her husband who is stationed at Fort Hood. They are newlyweds and as yet are still living in different states (long story) and their time together is always precious and short. So what did they decide to do today?




They decided to volunteer at the local shelter. That moment when you know you did something right.

3 thoughts on “Fulfilled

  1. What a lovely thing for them to do! Ray, and all his fellow canine buddies currently awaiting adoption, thanks them both. It is so nice to hear about people doing something “just because” and without volunteers in so many fields of expertise, our world would be a pretty sorry place to live in! Knowing how much the volunteer walkers impacted Ray during his time at the shelter (such that he regularly drags us back there to see them – a 1-1/2hr round trip!), I know that the time that they spared for the animals was highly appreciated by everybody. Way to go guys!

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