Wordless Wednesday 

Last night I was thumbing through pictures on my phone all the way back (2 1/2 weeks!) to the day we brought Sugar and her babies into rescue.  Toby was adopted and went home last Friday and the pictures his new parents post show how he is thriving with their love and care. Though I’m not surprised by that at all, I was shocked when I came upon Sugar’s intake photo.


It honestly hadn’t occurred to me that she had blossomed so much already. 

I’ve posted this on all of my social media sites and am truly not seeking recognition, I’m simply astounded at the difference just basic care and good food makes.

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday 

  1. We need more people like you in the world! She’s looking so beautiful and healthy! When we adopted our dog he had been badly mistreated and was hugely under weight, now he’s at a healthy strong weight and no longer scared! Love to Sugar x

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