Full Speed Julius

If you follow the boys on Facebook, you’ll already know that Julius took a tumble last night as I picked him up at Day Care.  As he was running up the stairs to greet me, he tripped, fell and landed on his jug-head then wouldn’t put any weight at all on his right front leg.  The team at Day Care checked it out and collectively we decided that it was being held at an odd angle and given the fact that he wouldn’t try to put weight on it was concerning enough to consider a vet visit.

Even though it was not even 6:00 o’clock, I was just about to rush Julius to the emergency vet knowing we’d be able to have xrays done on the spot whereas Juli’s vet (I don’t believe) has that capability. Julius and Ray have actually always seen different veterinarians but remembering that Ray’s new vet’s office has extended hours and a lot of fancy equipment, I called and implored them to see Julius and they agreed to squeeze him in.  I had just enough time to run home and pick up my dog vet record book and make it to the office.


He never just lies on the floor at the vet.

Ultimately there were no broken or dislocated bones, so Julius was sent home with kisses from all of his new RVT friends and a bagful of drugs.

  This morning while he is no longer limping or favoring the leg, he tucked himself in bed in the spare bedroom after breakfast so I know he isn’t yet feeling up to snuff.


Brotherly TLC. last night

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and who continue to do so.  We appreciate the good thoughts.


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