Dog’On Monday

I’m totally stealing that title from a Facebook friend who happens to be the Executive Director at our local SPCA.  Every Monday she highlights a different dog from the shelter on her personal page in hopes of getting it more exposure.  How doggone cute is that? 

So, I have a confession to make.  Saturday morning I got up early and spent a few hours playing and hanging out with Ray, sent some Happy National Pit Bull Awareness Day greetings and then went and spent a few hours with this little gal, Zoey, who is clearly not a Pit Bull.

And also with this girl, Honor, who also is clearly not a Pit Bull.
However, as you can tell by the vests these ladies are looking for homes so my little guy generously gave up some of his Mommy time to these girls.  Not only that, but they were given some sprucing by my little granddaughter in the form of some baby head bands.
On Saturday, I was handling Zoey who is the cutest, sweetest, most well-behaved 4 month old I’ve ever met.  This lime green and zebra print went perfectly with her cinnamon coat and amber eyes.  I’ve handled Honor on another occasion and was disconcerted by the number of people who mistook her for a boy, so Saturday she sported a lavendar band and flower.

These bands are so easy and inexpensive to make.  I actually ordered a bunch of different colored bands and flower tops for my daughter’s baby shower and we set up decorating tables where the guests made headbands and decorated onesies. These bands are great for pooches being that they are stretchy and lightweight, so they’d fit a variety of sized dogs.  I’d like to order some boy colors and try my hand at bow ties as well.  Because we ended up with so many after the shower, these were easily given up and I just stuffed them in my “adoption bag.”
I’m loving all of the Halloween costumes and Pit Bull activities I’ve been reading about this morning and wish we could have been a part of some of the great festivities, but more importantly, we need to get some gals a home.  I was wondering, do those of you who volunteer/foster, work through one specific group or more than one?  Are they mainly Pit bull organizations or all breed?

3 thoughts on “Dog’On Monday

  1. My mom has made a ton of flowers that slide on collars for my girls, fosters and other adoptables that I volunteer with as well as ties. However that baby headband idea is great. I'll have to mention it to my mom. Yes, I am 25 and I have my mom do all my crafting for me.

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