What Gift Could I Give

In all seriousness I ask- what do you get for a dog who wants for nothing? I mean, I’m sure there’s some toy or treat that all the other dogs have that we may be missing out on, but for the most part these Peaceabull blockheads aren’t lacking much. I currently have a small stash of stuffies, bags of untouched treats and even a large bag of antlers held in reserve.

Ray and I have been talking all week, reminiscing about the day he was born. December first six years ago was a stark, snowless day hovering at the 32 degree mark when I received a call about a dog birthing her puppies exposed to the elements. By the time I arrived, three were alive and struggling for warmth while several others had already died. Two more pups would be born in the warmth of rescue while one of the original survivors would succumb to to much exposure. Of the two born in rescue, one was my little piggy. Arriving in this world covered in birthing gunk, my little green guy immediately stole my heart.

While I still had my heart and head set at that time on just fostering older dogs, fate would intervene and this little piggy would become mine.

But really, going back to the original question, certainly there be birthday treats and much celebrating- as much celebrating as this low-key family can muster. But at the end of the day, my gift to Ray and to Julius or rather their gift to others is the gift of time. When I’m home I make sure there is plenty of Mom and Pooch time. We snuggle, we practice our training and cues, we walk and we play. When I’m gone, these boys give up their Mommy so that other block heads can find homes.

So on December first, six years after the birth of my heart dog, I will be spending some time away before the celebration so that this December first can be remembered as another little boy’s special day. Adoption day for John Snow and a very happy birthday to my baby Ray.

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