Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was a busy one with wrapping up the AdoptaJubitation, readying for the next round of celebrations coming up in August, helping with the baby’s two year photos and taking a beautiful girl named Meadow to Pride Fest.


Proud to be a Pit Bull at Pride Fest

Proud to be a Pit Bull at Pride Fest

I’ve been enjoying a look back via the Timehop app at some of the first pictures of Julius in our home ad what has surprised me is that he looks so at home even on the first day or two. July 26th is actually the day I brought him to our home and it wasn’t actually until a few days later that we officially decided to utter the words aloud that we really were keeping him.


For the second year in a row, I was able to bring an adoptable dog from AC SPCA to Pride Fest. Little Miss Meadow, who seems so quiet and reserved in the kennels, completely blossomed among the crowds of people who stopped by to visit our booth. She handed out kisses and affectionate tail wags to scores of people, accepted pats while gnawing on a bully stick and only barked at one person…the protester outside the main gate. What a good girl.


Aurora and Meadow

Aurora and Meadow

The second kennel-mate Meadow has had since arriving at the shelter was adopted on Sunday, so I’m hoping Meadow’s person comes soon. She is definitely the type of dog who would love living with another dog, so I hope that will happen for her.


Finally, our “contest” is over, so I want to thank everyone who commented, liked, shared and/or entered. Allie F. is the winner, so be on the lookout for your package.

Queen Bee

Over the weekend, I stopped by the shelter to visit with the adorable pocket pittie named Meadow whom you may have seen spammed all over a picture or two of on my personal Facebook page.  I had actually meant to make a quick visit to her on the way to running some errands and though this story isn’t about her, here is another gratuitous picture.



After I visited with Meadow, I departed the kennel area to find Miss Honeybee wandering around the hallway having escaped from her gated office accommodations.   “Hey, what are you doing out here?” I asked her, to which she turned and in all of her haughty splendor gave me a look that quite clearly said, “Why are you daring to speak to me, peasant?”

I shoo’ed her back towards the office in which she was being kept, all the while she darted indignant glances at me over her shoulder as if to ensure that I wasn’t thinking of touching her.  As I reached in an attempt to navigate her back over the gate opening I was treated to one more frosty gaze, so I sat and waited for staff to come rescue me.  When a staff member arrived with another dog on leash, I explained that Honeybee had escaped and that I was a bit afraid to touch her.  I held the leash of the 80 pound dog she had been showing and she scooped up all 6.2 pounds of  Honeybee to be returned.

Honeybee, photo courtesy of Allen County SPCA

Honeybee, photo courtesy of Allen County SPCA

I know when a dog doesn’t want to be touched and  I respected her wishes in an effort to not get myself bitten.  After all, what would have happened if she bit me?  She’d have to go into bite quarantine, we’d have to fill out a report and you know, they just have such a bad rap anyway, that I wanted to save her from any prejudice a potential adopter may have in feeling they were unsafe with a dog of her breed.

Superstition Is The Way

There is a superstition at the Shelter that if you suddenly think about or talk about a dog that has been adopted for quite a while, you’ll soon hear something adverse about that dog or it will suddenly come back.  Although I don’t work there, there have been times when I’ve gone through my camera roll and deleted pictures of adopted dogs only to find them back in the kennels within a week or so, or worse.  Not included in this (for me) are the dogs who have been adopted by people who are friends or have become friends like Glamour (now Kya), Pop Tart (now Kahlissi) and Nina.







They are all in great homes and I get to hear about them and on occasion, Julius gets to play with the Nina-bean.

While I do think about many others occasionally and there are some pictures that I can no longer associate with a name, there is one who remains in my heart and is never far from my thoughts.

Big Mama Tora

Big Mama Tora

I constantly hope she is doing well while secretly hoping she’ll wander back into my life. Is that as bad as I feel it is?

Keeping Up Appearances

Ah, Friday, I’ve waited all week for you!  Today is warm, but not too hot, sunny, slightly breezy, casual wear, last day before staycation day and I can feel the wind down begin.

I actually spent my lunch hour with my favorite shelter boy, Deuce, and our own Hometown Hero, Jessica, chatting about all of the great things in store for the animals in this community and their humans.  Sometime during the course of the conversation, Jessica pointed out that Deuce had left (multiple) smudge prints on my clothes. 

As I headed back to work, the running dialogue in my brain reflected that I should have been more careful and that if I took more pride in my appearance, I might not have to sit in the office for the remainder of the day with paw prints on my pants and sweater.


Then on the heels of that thought (do thoughts have feet?) I realized I take great pride in my appearance.  These multiple paw marks were born from multiple hugs from a dog who loves and trusts me.  They’re from a dog who six weeks ago was happy to see me but so unsure of himself that he pancaked and urinated on himself.  These marks are from a dog who has gained some self confidence back and can ask for affection as freely as he gives it.  I was a part of his growth process, so yeah, I’ll wear this badge of honor pretty darn proudly.

Enjoy your weekend!


Bully Bash

“I might pick her up after work for a sleep over,” I said to Jessica. “That’s fine, just text me if you decide to, I’ll be here.” Then after work, I texted her, “I forgot I have to pick up Julius, I guess Tora will have to stay in the kennels tonight.”
Her response was simple and yet I still felt crushed. “Okay. Thanks for letting me know.”
I couldn’t let it go and since traffic was light, and I picked up Julius easily, I called our long suffering Shelter Director yet again. “If you’re going to be there for a little longer, we’re on our way.”

She and Tora met me and Julius at the door and we decided to do a brief interaction out front and when it became apparent that the combined 160+ pounds of dog were going to get along, we let them play out in the yard for a few minutes where 8 year old Tora became a bouncy happy spring chicken (or perhaps a cougar with her platonic interest in that young stud gelding).

Familiar pose, different bully.

Satisfied that the Pitty Van would survive the boundless joy of these two, we loaded them up and I headed for home where Asia was already preparing the house with gates and closing Ray off for a while before any introductions could occur. Julius and Tora bounced about the yard and after a bit we decided to do some brief intros with Ray. I put Julius in the garage for a while and Asia and I did some leashed brief meets with the two American Bulldogs. Ray, who has way fewer social skills, seemed eager to meet this buxom beauty, but was somewhat over stimulated (though not nearly to previous degrees) and he did snap at her a couple of times. Tora, in her eternally sunny manner, just ignored Ray’s rudeness. We decided to let Ray decompress for awhile upstairs and after about an hour, he was happy to be downstairs with the rest of us, though behind a gate.

Asia, who is obsessed with Miss M, loves, loves, loves Tora.

So, how did our Bully Bash go? Well, Tora (or Big Girl, Big Mama, Mama as she responds to) was probably the worlds most perfect and appreciative guest. She wore a huge smile on her face the entire evening, and was eager to do anything we asked of her, which mostly consisted of receiving treats and lovings.

Please do not notice the poor condition of our yard.

So if you don’t want an affectionate dog, don’t adopt her. She settled on her mat and helped cook dinner without being a beggar-face, so if you want a rude dog, don’t adopt her. She got along really, really well with Julius (my rock star) and did really well with Ray, so if you aren’t looking for a friendly, mature dog with lots of life to live and lots of love to give, don’t adopt her.

Sweet houseguest

I love how she just found a cozy spot in the kitchen to settle in for the night, but upon learning she would be sleeping with the girls, she just grinned from ear to ear and settled in like the perfect dog she is.

American Bulldogs-Johnson type and Scott type.  Oh, and the AmStaff.

When you first meet this Big Mama, and move to pet her, she lays low on the floor and wiggles her tail, but after about an hour, she was confident and readily accepting of attention and even nudged Julius out of the way (nicely) to get her share of lovings. She is not a resource guarder as well as we can figure, because she and Julius were taking treats together, and he even stuck his big head in her breakfast bowl and she just backed up to let him have a taste. She did really well with the baby and with friends who stopped by and although she is 8, she has so much life and love yet to give. People often say they won the jackpot with certain dogs, but with Tora, you’d be winning the Powerball Mega Millions. So if you don’t want to win the Powerball Mega Millions, don’t adopt her.

You Ain’t Nothin’ But A…

On Sunday I volunteered with the ACSPCA by handling a dog at the Home and Garden Show. Our booth was in the children’s area with a few petting zoo type places, balloon figures, face painting and lots of children (of course.) Because of the increased possibility of chaos, we only brought one dog at a time to the event throughout the course of the weekend and one of the other criteria is that we tried to only send out a dog that didn’t currently have an application on it.


The really good thing about taking Salsa, is that she was one of the very few without a current application and that I was familiar with her, having spent some time with her earlier in the week.  She is listed as a Redbone Coonhound blend and to tell you the truth, other than her need to smell absolutely everything in the building-twice, she could have been a Man in the Moon blend, for all I know about hounds.

Redbone Coonhound

I took to Google to see just what this Redbone Coonhound is and found dogs that look strikingly similar to Salsa, though we got scads of guesses that she was a Viszla mix as well, and having a friend who was interested in Viszlas made me more aware of that breed.  I admit to having “seen” Viszla in her myself. 

Now that I’ve Googled both, I have to hand it to my friend, Amy, who upon seeing Salsa’s picture, asked, “Some kind of Hound or Viszla?” 
I don’t really have a point, other than I don’t know my hounds and Salsa is available for adoption at the Allen County SPCA.  She is sweet, takes a while to warm up to some people, has an amazing sniffer, knows sit, takes treats like a butterfly,and loves to give face kisses.  She seems way more independant than my needy Mama’s boys and was very well mannered.
If you know anyone looking for a loving and independant red-head, send them to the ACSPCA to meet Salsa.


Ok, so here are two confessions:  1) my hubby kind of hates has asked me several times to curtail the amount of money I spend on the dogs and despite the fact that my mother says the boys have more things than some children, I 2) am a good bargain hunter.

I don’t spend just to spend on the boys, but I find that I enjoy buying them different collars and changing up their look while I often realize I’ve forgotten to wear earrings on any given day.  I’d say the biggest purchase has been Ray’s Paco collar, and let me tell you, as far as quality is concerned, it is a bargain. 

So, while I’ve been wanting fleece snoods for the boys, I’ve been hesitant to spend the money on those.  After all, I have boatloads of shirts and jackets that just don’t fit them, so I just waited and secretly hoped that Lamae Designs would begin making snoods. In case you’re not familiar, Lamae Designs began making incredible looking tutus for dogs then ventured into collars and bow ties.  She has always given back to rescues in time, financial support and as a foster parent.  In fact, she fostered then adopted Ray’s littermate, Dahey.

Glamour, now Kya sporting a gorgeous tutu by Lamae Designs

Elephant collar and bow tie

So imagine how loud I squeed my delight when I saw the post on Facebook stating that snoods would be available for a limited time and  all sizes were $12 (yeah, twelve dollars) and when you order, you can choose to where Lamae will donate 50% of the money and ACSPCA was one of the choices! 

If you think my mind wasn’t blown by then, just hold on to your toupee.  When I messaged her, she asked for the boy’s neck measurement then said I could have them the next day!  Boom!

So, to say I was pretty jazzed would be an understatement, but then when the hubs saw the sno

ods and said, ” I kind of really like those,” you know I swooned for my snoods.

So, if you’ve been debating on getting a snood, I highly recommend checking out Lamae Designs.  These are high quality reversible fleece snoods and I opted for the opening to hook a leash through, so that is an option, if you so desire.  Plus, 50% of your purchase price will go back to one of four (cough ACSPCA) really deserving (ahem ACSPCA) organizations. 

*I was not compensated nor asked to review, I just LOVE these snoods. 

Meet Ruthie

Ruthie is a one year old Am Staff mix with a huuuuge block head and an even bigger heart.  I got a cryptic Facebook message about a new resident at the shelter whom I was sure to love and the bonus was that she loves to kiss.  Powerless to resist, I high-tailed it to the shelter and saw Ruthie.  She was still “red” meaning I couldn’t touch her yet, but as I sat drooling on the window and obeying the rules, the staff took pitty on me and said she had in fact been processed and I could take her out. 

Oh, the kisses she gave and the joie de vivre she exhibited!  This gal loves life and will take you on an adventure with her.  She covered me (and my new coat) with slobber evidence of her happiness and just all out seemed to be happy.  She pulled a bit on the leash but stopped and checked in at the appropriate times, so with a little bit of work she will be a great leash walker in not time at all.  With luck, she will be adopted before I really get to know her, but otherwise, stay tuned for more updates.

Shared Success

Have you ever wished you had gotten in on the ground floor of something?  Maybe like Forrest Gump and his orchard investment?  Well, the Allen County SPCA has been around for a very long time.  They’ve been around for over 60 years and if you’re counting or being catty, that’s longer than I’ve been around.  (smile) 

The thing about this shelter, though, is that I do feel like I got in on the ground floor of something awesome and life-changing.  One day I drove down there on my lunch hour but that isn’t even the beginning.  I clicked on their website nearly every day for several months, just checking on their adoptable animals and then I finally wandered in.  I remember grilling the kind woman at the front desk about their stance on Pit bulls and was this a kill-shelter, etc.  Satisfied with the answers, I decided to fill out a volunteer application and after orientation began my journey of falling in love with the various temporary residents.

Orientation was actually on two different days, one for cats and one for dogs and on dog day, I actually met the new Director of the SPCA who was also just starting.  Little did I know at the time that although the initial answers were what I wanted to hear, the practice was slighly different.  Still a no-kill shelter but with a limited intake system, though Pit Bulls weren’t banned they didn’t appear very often on the kennel floor.  There were several lab mixes and several boxer mixes, all with blocky heads, but not until King was there truly a Pit Bull.

Ground floor, people.  The new Director not only has expanded the intake program to allow Pit Bulls, but now elder dogs are eligible to enter the SPCA’s program.  Little blind Boo entered the program and was adopted.  No longer was the application a tome that asked for the blood of your first-born, but a real application for real people.  In 2012, 819 animals found their forever home with the help of the SPCA.  This past year, 2013, the number shot up to 1274.  The average stay for a healthy dog is about 7 days now which allows for so many more deserving animals to find their forever homes, but less time for us volunteers to fall in love. 

King was at the shelter for over a month.  During that time, not only did I fall in love with him but Kevin did as well and we were that close to committing to him, although at the time, Ray was kind of a wild card. 

Seven days.  In less than seven days, I met, fell in love with and bade farewell to Poppy and this post was meant to be about her,  but there is always another waiting in the wings to fill that little space in my heart.  It’s time to look forward and not backward so with that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Herschel. 

Every time I pass him by, I remind him that he has  a funny face and in return he wags his tail at me.  Herschel is 8 years young and ready to share his funny little face with you.