Queen Bee

Over the weekend, I stopped by the shelter to visit with the adorable pocket pittie named Meadow whom you may have seen spammed all over a picture or two of on my personal Facebook page.  I had actually meant to make a quick visit to her on the way to running some errands and though this story isn’t about her, here is another gratuitous picture.



After I visited with Meadow, I departed the kennel area to find Miss Honeybee wandering around the hallway having escaped from her gated office accommodations.   “Hey, what are you doing out here?” I asked her, to which she turned and in all of her haughty splendor gave me a look that quite clearly said, “Why are you daring to speak to me, peasant?”

I shoo’ed her back towards the office in which she was being kept, all the while she darted indignant glances at me over her shoulder as if to ensure that I wasn’t thinking of touching her.  As I reached in an attempt to navigate her back over the gate opening I was treated to one more frosty gaze, so I sat and waited for staff to come rescue me.  When a staff member arrived with another dog on leash, I explained that Honeybee had escaped and that I was a bit afraid to touch her.  I held the leash of the 80 pound dog she had been showing and she scooped up all 6.2 pounds of  Honeybee to be returned.

Honeybee, photo courtesy of Allen County SPCA

Honeybee, photo courtesy of Allen County SPCA

I know when a dog doesn’t want to be touched and  I respected her wishes in an effort to not get myself bitten.  After all, what would have happened if she bit me?  She’d have to go into bite quarantine, we’d have to fill out a report and you know, they just have such a bad rap anyway, that I wanted to save her from any prejudice a potential adopter may have in feeling they were unsafe with a dog of her breed.

Keeping Up Appearances

Ah, Friday, I’ve waited all week for you!  Today is warm, but not too hot, sunny, slightly breezy, casual wear, last day before staycation day and I can feel the wind down begin.

I actually spent my lunch hour with my favorite shelter boy, Deuce, and our own Hometown Hero, Jessica, chatting about all of the great things in store for the animals in this community and their humans.  Sometime during the course of the conversation, Jessica pointed out that Deuce had left (multiple) smudge prints on my clothes. 

As I headed back to work, the running dialogue in my brain reflected that I should have been more careful and that if I took more pride in my appearance, I might not have to sit in the office for the remainder of the day with paw prints on my pants and sweater.


Then on the heels of that thought (do thoughts have feet?) I realized I take great pride in my appearance.  These multiple paw marks were born from multiple hugs from a dog who loves and trusts me.  They’re from a dog who six weeks ago was happy to see me but so unsure of himself that he pancaked and urinated on himself.  These marks are from a dog who has gained some self confidence back and can ask for affection as freely as he gives it.  I was a part of his growth process, so yeah, I’ll wear this badge of honor pretty darn proudly.

Enjoy your weekend!


Walk for a Dog

I have a love/hate relationship with my “smartphone.” Sometimes I think it is so stupid and stubborn that I’ve actually yelled at it and called it bad names. Other times, I think, “Wow, you really know me!”

(Not that I anthropomorphize at all or anything.) I like the fact that, although it is Big Brother-ish, my phone usually knows where I am going on various days and times and feeds me interesting tidbits of information.


Well over the course of the weekend, I ran across an app while on Oscar the Vicktory dog’s Facebook page that I wanted to share with everyone. (Pretend you don’t already know about this and that I’m not the last one in the Universe to use it.) It’s called Walk for a Dog and basically, you download the app, walk your dog (or a shelter dog), pick a shelter or rescue and for every mile you walk, you earn cold, hard cash for your group.


I’ve loaded both Ray and Julius in the app, but if you don’t have a dog you can “Walk for Cassie” (android option) and still earn your shelter or rescue money and I think I’ll probably have to create another to use as a universal shelter dog for my app so I can kind of keep track of everything separately.


So other than the fact that this is a phone app, why am I all about my phone, you ask? When I downloaded the app and began the super easy set up, the Allen County SPCA prefilled in the app. I highly recommend that anyone who walks a dog, has a smartphone and supports a shelter or rescue downloads this app and begins earning some funds by doing what you already do.


Driving Mr. Deucey (part two)

Oh, the pressure. I knew this would be a two-part post, but I didn’t exactly have the second part written. Actually, I had started this and trashed it several times, but since I’m running out of time, I’ll give this a shot.

Deuce is listed as a Dalmatian/Labrador mix, but it is apparent by his pictures and by my interest in him that there is more to him than that. He has some sort of Pit bull type in him, of that I’m sure and though I’m considered by many to be a Pit Bull advocate, I still try to lean toward being a dog advocate who loves Pit Bull types.

We live in a community that is still emerging as far as breed equality goes. We have a Pit Bull Coalition and both shelters adopt out Pit Bull types, but we are still treading a very thin line. If I had a dime for every time someone in this community says “they just get a bad rap,” I’d be on my way to being wealthy. I almost feel like every time someone says that, they are propagating the “bad rap” itself.

Anyhow, we all have a handicap or a stigma about us. For some of us it is internal, for some it is external but we each have memories or situations which have shaped who we are and make us “different.” For me, growing up I was the only ray of sunshine in the box of pale crayons that was my school. I always knew I looked different and if I somehow forgot, there was always someone there to remind me.

That brings us to Deuce and the Tent Event. Deuce is now and forever will be considered a reactive dog. A reactive Pit bull type dog which makes everyone tread that much more carefully regarding him. When I heard he wouldn’t be able to attend the Tent Event, I made it my mission to not only handle him but let his true colors shine through.

Overseeing the event

Overseeing the event

As you can see from the photos, Deuce and I set up camp a few yards back from the rest of the goings on. I had a camp chair, a couple of weatherproof blankets, a portable water bowl, several cool bottles of water, a can of squeeze cheese, a dental bone, Zuke’s treats, a tug toy, a stuffie, Ray’s elephant collar and bow tie, and poo bags. I figured we could hold court a nice distance away from the fray. While back there, we witnessed several barking dogs, several dogs “correcting” other dogs, at least four volunteers who conveniently forgot poo bags, a few dogs playing nicely with each other and a huge crush of humanity under and around the tent.


At no time did Deuce lunge, jump (except on those whom he already loves), growl, over fixate and the only time he barked was when a truck with two barking dogs drove by.  Deuce was calm, relaxed and feeling secure, so he was able to shine as the loving, sweet, playful, smart puppy that he is.  He was the featured dog on  the radio station that was broadcasting from the event and we even had a gal tell us that she heard about him on the radio and came to meet him.  Those who were savvy enough understood that our distance was in an effort to give Deuce some space and only one woman had to be told three times to give us space.  It was space I had asked for, but Deuce was still showing signs of relaxation and calmness.  At the end of the day, he did get an application, but whether or not his true forever family has found him yet remains to be seen.

Until then, I and the scores of folks in his corner will continue to love and care for him as he deserves.  So if you know of anyone in search of an 8-10 month old LabraPitmation, please send them our way.

This and That

We obviously haven’t been around lately.  We haven’t blogged in well over a week and we are dreadfully far behind in our blog reading, so bear with us as we catch up.

First and foremost, Ray’s knee seems to be healing quite well.  He is still on very limited activity and the good news is the lost a pound.  Hey, baby steps.  He went to the vet today for his annual vaccinations and we had him armed with the Adaptil collar, dosages of his Anxitane and a Thundershirt.  The result was that he was much less anxious going into the office, he let the doctor near him much sooner and didn’t start screaming until nearly half way through the visit.  Yes, we still have work to do, and I don’t want to have a zombie-like dog, so we’ll keep working at it. 

As for the Adaptil collar, though,  Mr. Car sick Julius wore it yesterday to his vet appointment and then we ran errands all over the place without any pukey incidents, so for the milder cases of anxiety, it’s definitely a winner.

Last week I had a quick two and a half days in Coronado, California for work and fell in love.  I’d say anyone who doesn’t like the San Diego are might be a bit off their rocker.

Dipping the toes in the Pacific Ocean

While I was gone our sump pump failed and the basement flooded a bit.  Kevin was doing his best to keep up with the water.  He ended up calling Roto-Rooter, Serve-Pro, a handyman and the insurance company.  Long story short, we got the damage contained to a very minimal amount after several nerve-wracking days. 

I’ve been off work for the past couple of days following a quick out patient surgery.  Nothing huge and I’m feeling fine.  It’s been nice having some extra days to spend with the pooches though I should find a place to take some more pictures of them.

Speaking of pictures, they are entered in a PetCo Foundation photo contest with our “team” asking for votes in order to benefit the Allen County SPCA.  The voting is a dollar a vote, and the theme is the Power of Together.  Such a good theme for my boys.  Ray was pretty lonely being a large dog with no social skills until we found Julius.  I hope you can spare a dollar and will consider voting for the boys. Or perhaps you have an entry yourself?  Let us know! 

Adoption Weekend

This past weekend we got to participate in the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend and I got to handle and bid farewell to the uber-cute Candy Girl.

A Kitty-Pittie

She was an 8 month old pup who didn’t know a stranger and was certain that everyone in the entire universe was pretty much set there to love on her. Her tail never stopped wagging and she stole many, many hearts. She ended up going home with an active family looking for young, medium sized dog who would be able to hike, jog, canoe and swim with them. I think she made herself a good match.

An observation I came away with is that Pit Bull mixes/types are becoming so mainstream and beloved in our area. Sure, there are the detractors, but as people brought their dogs in shopping, I saw one Yorkie, two Samoyeds, a Great Dane and four different families with Pit Bull/mixes. I’d say America’s dog is holding strong in the Fort. One thing that I amused myself with was as I kept referring to Candy Girl as a Pit Bull Mix, every one kept asking what she is mixed with and my response, each time, was, “Sugar and spice.”


As we continue nesting, we had a big adjustment to make in regards to heating. Our former home had radiant ceiling heat and therefore, no vents and ductwork. Since we now have a furnace and our new home had been vacant then redone, we decided it would be prudent to have the furnace and all of the ductwork cleaned.

One of the challenges when having work done in the home is making sure workers are not intimidated or fearful of my boys. Maybe I’m naïve, biased, or just a loving dog mommy, but how could anyone be intimidated or fearful of these faces? Ray’s nutmeg eyes are always so open and earnest while Juli’s onyx orbs are open and eager for love.

Anyhow, the worker showed up recently to clean the ducts and as is Kevin’s nature, he began finding out all there is to know about this person, namely not only was he a dog lover, he adopts and his wife wants to foster. As a result, Kevin called me to say his new friend adopted a Pit bull type from the shelter a couple of months ago. I said I would have to have met her, because I knew all of the pit bulls that came through there in the last year. Haley, he said her name was, a brindle girl. The only pit bull that was there around August was Rapunzel, who I was walking when I met Julius. “Are you sure they didn’t adopt from ACC,” I asked Kevin?

No, he said she was transferred from ACC to SPCA and that’s where they adopted her from. This sent me back to my photos in my phone. What Pit bulls would I have been walking around that time? Why couldn’t I remember Haley?

I sent Kevin a picture of Rapunzel and got a message back. “That’s her. She was called Rapunzel in the shelter, they call her Haley now.”

Behind the Glamorous Facade

Despite the fact that Glamour has at her pawtips an extensive wardrobe of Sirius collars and accessories, Dog Gone Cute decorations,  and also some Lamae tutus at her disposal, these are all borrowed items to help her find a home and not her own belongings.  Her borrowed collar is frayed from repeated use by former residents of the shelter as is her leash and other items. 

Glamour, while I’m sure, is grateful for her stay at the shelter and the excellent care she receives, does not like it there.  A home of her own is what this girl wants and needs.  She showed me that she has pretty good house manners.

She helps with the sweeping and floor cleaning without judging my housekeeping skills.

She helps supervise the laundry without grabbing all undies and socks in sight. (ahem, Ray)  While she was not in her crate, she saw our kitties and had absolutely zero interest in them.  When she was crated, she did bark at Miko when he entered her room, but it was a brief shout out to him.  When Asia reentered the house, Glamour gave one bark as well.  Just one and she was good.  A drawback may be her size.  This lady is musclebound, but she is a “pocket pittie.”  Potential adopters looking for a small dog will overlook her as a “muscle-bound pit bull” and Pit Bull type people may overlook her because she is small.

Girlfriend is selective.  She doesn’t like all people all the time, she doesn’t like a hand coming at her head (who does, really?)  and we are still finding out what all of her triggers might be.  Shelter stress really has to be a big factor.  The morning before I took her back, we sat by the pool and just chilled.  Her tail wags so hard that it beats each of her sides as her booty wiggles back and forth.  She climbs in my lap and gets out and repeats, until she finds a nice spot in front of my to receive some back and shoulder rubs. 

I’ve heard and read how adopted dogs are so grateful, but since I adopted Ray at only seven weeks, he really accepts everything as his due.  That morning, I could feel the stress leave and the calm enter her.  I could just feel Glamour’s appreciation. 

If you know anyone who would be interested in receiving the love and gratitude that only Glamour can give, please have them contact me or the Allen County SPCA to find out more about the Glamour Girl.


If you follow us on Facebook, then you’ve already seen this picture of Miss Glamour.

Beautiful girl

I was fortunate enough to escort her to Prom the Petco National Adoption Weekend.  But that wasn’t all!  Asia was able to volunteer at this event as well, so I got to spend the afternoon with two Glamour girls.

Glam squad

I actually got the option to take either Glamour or Casper and opted for our gal to help get her more exposure.  Casper has had some good interest, but so far no one has shown much intererst in Miss G. so I was hoping that we could light that spark. She is definitely a little firecracker and as the minutes ticked by I fell more and more for this little gal. 

Miss Glamour

She definitely attracted a lot of attention with her sparkling personality and super soft hair and  I was happy to get to spend a significant amount of time with her to see how she reacts away from the kennels.  This little miss wanted all the squeaky toys for herself and even darted in for the steal when her companions walked away from their toys. By the end of the event the score was Glamour 6 -Squeaky toys 0. 

We also had the pleasure of Casper’s company.  This chill guy was a fan of the obligatory adoption event bully stick and won over many fans with his shiny brindle fur and laid back friendliness.


It’s been a little while since I’ve done an event like this and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do this one and especially so since it was with Asia and Glamour. 

If you know anyone in our area who is interested in this spunky little diva, please have them visit her at the Allen County SPCA.

Also, thank you to everyone who commented on Friday.  Your stories and comments really put a smile on my face and warmed my heart.

Feline Friday

When we adopted Ray as an infant puppy, I had visions of him snuggling with his feline family members a la Cherry Garcia and Walker.  I even decided to call the blog Peace-a-bull Assembly because of my belief that all four fur babies would be life- long friends.  Ray is down for my plan but the kitties are a bit more standoffish, or so I thought.  It turns out that Boo Kitty secretly likes Ray, although she pretends she doesn’t by hissing and looking at him with her “mad face”.

Yep, she loves him like a big sister.