Feline Friday-The Great "Outdoors"

Both Jae and Miko are basically inside only cats.  By basically, I mean Jae loves to go outside but his trips are always closely supervised and confined to the patio.  He is a grass eater and consequently a grass puker so as soon as he heads for the tasty green blades, he is relegated back to the safety of the house.  Miko, on the other hand, has absolutely no desire to go out of those doors and onto the patio.  He loves to lay in a warm pool of sunshine on the soft carpet but if the door is opened he scampers away as if he’s about to be tortured.  I imagine whatever time he spent wandering the mean streets of Fort Wayne before being picked up by ACC have cured him of ever wanting to leave the house.

There is, however, a type of “outside” that the boys are allowed to enjoy with relatively little supervision and that is the garage.  The boys will typically stand at the door and meow to “go out.”  They don’t explore out there as much as they spend time lounging from the hoods or roofs of our vehicles.  Being that we have a pick up and an SUV, they are able to reign from some altitude.  In the winter months they gravitate toward the most recently driven vehicle or the top of the freezer, which must be warmer for them.  I like being able to give them some adventure time in a place where they are still safe.  I know the garage might not seem like a safe place to some, but we don’t typically keep anything in there that the boys could get into and get sick on. 

It has recently become a nice haven from you-know-who as well.
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather and whatever makes you happy!

Ray’s Ladies

Naturally, every boy’s first love is his mama.  I don’t have brothers that I grew up close with, I don’t have a son, I didn’t even grow up with close boy cousins but the gals at work have sons and told me when we found out Asia was expecting that boys always love their mamas.
Does that translate in the animal world?  I think so.  Before we brought Ray home, Jae and Miko were mama’s boys and BooKitty was daddy’s girl.  All three loved Asia mostly because she is quiet and catlike, so I believe they viewed her as one of them.  Granted, she is the only one of them with opposable thumbs, enabling her to dispense treats.
Ray loves all the family members but as you may have guessed is very much mama’s boy.  That certainly can’t come as much of a shock to anyone, but what came as a bit if a shock to me was that he gave his first pittie smile this weekend.  And it wasn’t for me.  I wasn’t there and didn’t even get to see it.  It wasn’t for Asia, who brings him delicious treats and wears an ankle bracelet with bells, though she did get to see it.  It was for his new love, his midday walker, Asia’s friend Becca.  Becca stopped by to visit with Asia over the weekend and apparently Ray never left her side.  She got him to go potty when Asia couldn’t and as a reward, she earned the big pittie smile.  Oh, they grow so fast.
On another note, Ray also ventured over to Van Wert for a mani/pedi at Emme Lu’s where he was pretty liberally handing out puppy kisses to Heather and he scored some new tasty treats for training.  I found that he gets bored with his treats pretty quickly so I like to have a variety available.  As we head into Tuesday and class, or as I’m beginning to call it, “Ray’s crazyville,”  I know I’m going to need the tastiest and most tempting treats I can get.  At least I can take satisfaction in that he does his proper behaviors well at home, we just need to help him flip the super excited switch off.
What’s on tap for your week?

Feline Friday-Sneaky Miko

I’m a little surprised that Miko has not attempted a closer peak at Ray.  Miko is my nosey cat.  He is the one who has to sign off on anything new or any changes in the house.  He is the one who supervises any home improvements and any workers in the house.  He is the only one who came to greet foster-for-a-night, Cloudy.

He might just be afraid that if he gets close to another dog his eyes will turn pemanantly into lasers.  Maybe he knows that unlike Jae, he can’t run as fast or jump the gate in a single bound as easily.  I don’t know exactly what his reasoning is but he tends to sit on the other side of the doggie gate and peak at the puppy.

Recently, however, we had all the gates down in preparation for an open house and Miko took that opportunity to sneak into the kitchen to make sure Ray’s water was the same as what the cats are given.

Here he is hoping no one sees him.
And here he is about to get his kitty card revoked.
We were really hoping that these two would get to be better friends.  At 19 pounds, Miko needs someone to run his butt up and down a little bit.  Time will tell, I’m sure.

Godzilla Invades Kitty World

For many years, the kitties have been the center of our pet universe and knowing we were planning to get a dog, I felt loathe to disturb their existence too much and mentally made myself a note that the kitties will still rule the household.  Yeah, that didn’t happen so much.
When the little prince came along, so many of the kitty-driven rules flew out the window and one of the final blows came when Ray learned not only to climb the slippery bamboo stairs, but found that at the top of said stairs was an entire room just for kitties!
This magical place had carpeted floors, soft pillows, fluffy blankets, and baskets full of squishy, jingly, crackly kitty toys.  Oh the joy for a little puppy!  While the cats occasionally sit in their cubes or chase ghosts through the crinkly tunnel, they don’t actually spend too much time alone in Kitty World, so I do like to treat Ray to some short, supervised visits, especially to give him some exercise on rainy days or after a bath when he is still a little damp.  Certain toys are off limits and are secured out of reach before said visits, but for the most part, he wholeheartedly enjoys his little forays upstairs.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was a bit affected by catnip.
On anther note, I was in a pretty dark funk yesterday and forgot to mention how squee-licious I felt over my first real blog comment!  Be sure to go visit Emily and check out the beautiful Lucy Lou that she is fostering.

Feline Friday-Jae Steps Up

Boo Kitty, being a field cat that came to live on our porch and a good mouser, had several litters before we got her spayed.  We’d kept various kitties out in the country and had intended to keep a kitty that looked just like Jae, but was taken from our porch.  Jae came from the final litter and we brought him in as an inside cat as soon as we could.
Ever since he came to live inside, Jae and I have been close.  Kevin used to joke that if he didn’t know any better, he’d swear that I gave birth to Jae.  He seems to be part Ragdoll, and is a full on cuddling fool.  He is a wonderful TV watching companion when you’re cold because holding him is like having a warm, soft blanket on your lap. He is sweet, verbal, floppy and compliant like a Ragdoll, likes shiny objects, leaps in the air for strings and complains loudly when asked to remove himself from a table.

Surprisingly, Jae is the first kitty to seem to make friends with Ray.  While Miko sits beyond the puppy gate and peeks at Ray, Jae jumps over and sits on a table lording over the floor-bound pup.  While encouraging Jae to take treats on the floor, I encourage Ray to stand still.  Not always easily accomplished, but with hard work and vigilance, I’m hoping we’ll get there, someday.  Luckily for right now, Jae is still faster and lighter on his feet so he has the advantage. I’m hoping that if this doesn’t turn out to be the best friendship, it will at least turn out to be a peace-a-bull assembly.

"Ray-tail" Therapy

As I mentioned previously, Ray has been feeling pretty confident as the King of the Kitchen, ruling from the safety of Mommy’s lap.  In an effort to keep up with his training and also improving his socialization skills, Asia and I took Ray for a little outing on Saturday.
The morning started out pretty rough.  Six a.m. came very early to me and Ray was pretty wound up, deciding I made a good chew toy. Discovering we were down to only one bottle of water sent me into tears since naturally, that bottle had to go to Ray and the kitties, not to my coffee maker. Feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed, I considered begging for a weekend foster to take on just so that Ray would have someone other than me to play with but we eventually dozed in front of the TV and both woke to a better outlook.
That afternoon, Asia, Ray and I loaded up and headed off to The Green Dog for some cat food and socialization.  There were several other pups in visiting and Ray, tentative at first, had a nice little romp with some of the other patrons.  He did so well and didn’t want to leave the store but we loaded back up and went to PetSmart which was super busy.  This was a great opportunity for some socialization and a little more shopping. 
I have to admit to feeling a little tentative whenever entering a new situation with Ray.  SOmetimes I feel like I’m expecting to be shunned or that people will run away screaming from the Pitbull. Also, knowing that an affiliate of  PetSmart,  the PetSmart Hotels or doggy day camp with their bully ban made me nervous.  “What are you going to say he is, if they ask,” Asia wondered. 
“Hopefully they won’t, but I think it just their hotels, not the stores,” I said.
Our reception, that day was great, though.  An abundance of “awwwws,” requests to “pet the puppy” and even “there he is, can we pet him?” from aisles away. 
Ray scored some new tops that were 75% off, I got a back seat cover for the truck (which might not work) and the kitties even got a new crinkle, twinkle tunnel to play with.
I really wish we lived closer to this kind of shopping but in the meantime, we will continue working with his behaviors and do as much socializing as we can.
How was your weekend?

The First, but not the Beginning

I think the first post is the hardest.  I’ve been planning this blog for months and probably should have started it at that time, but since I didn’t, we’ll begin here which is not the beginning.
Our sweet baby Ray has been home with us for less than twenty-four hours and all of our lives have already been changed immensely.  The “cat toys are for cats, dog toys are for dogs” rule has already been broken and the snoring pit baby next to me on the sofa has broken the no dogs on the furniture rule. 

I’ve been wanting a dog for quite a while now, and knew it had to be a rescue.  I thought an Elderbull would be great.  It would be someone who really needed a home and still be possibly potty trained, but convincing the hubby was not in the cards.  As it turned out, fate stepped in.  That is a story for another day. 

The cats have claimed the second floor, occasionally venturing downstairs except to sniff a silently sleeping pup from a safe 9 inch distance. 
Miko, being our most inquisitive cat has been downstairs the most.  He silently positions himself in places that make for easy peeking.  He is the one I believe will benefit the most from some canine companionship of the three cats.  I can envision the other two becoming tolerant while staying distant.  As the saying goes, “You’ve not been truly ignored until you’ve been ignored by a cat.”

Hang on for the ride and we’ll discover together how peace-a-bull the assembly truly will be.