Sad Eyes

Sometimes, it gets to be too much a lot to deal with and most of what I deal with is self-inflicted.  I “like” a lot of animal welfare sites, rescue sites, dog blogs, and general pet awareness because I choose to “like” them.  The beauty of the internets is that I can read or not read as my time and preference allows and my reader feed lets me keep current with my favorite blogs.
If I choose to, I can comment by clicking into the site or just move on to the next and if I want to save it for later, that option is available as well.  There have been a few pages that I’ve “liked” and later found not so much to my liking and some that I rarely followed that have since become favorites.  Everyone and everything changes and evolves and I will admit that some of my opinions have changed and evolved based on what I am reading at the time.  There are some great viewpoints out there which are well written and based on the tone and tenor in which they are written, I have paid attention and in the process have learned a thing or two.
No sad pictures here, just a quick plug for Ray’s bro, Dahey.
I must admit though, I am more apt to skip over the URGENT TIME IS UP posts and I didn’t even realize it much until recently.  I might read the first couple of lines or glance at the picture but while I do what I can, I know I can’t save even a large handful of deserving animals.  I read that the sad stories are highly successful for fund raising, but happy stories and stories of overcoming adversity are more successful in affecting positive adoption rates.  People give money to help solve a problem but when adopting, they still want a companion rather than an “issue” or a sad story.
And a plug, for Mama, too.
I’m guilty of it myself.  Knowing I can’t do this or that, I pull out the checkbook and appease my conscience or in desperation try to appeal to the heartstrings.  I don’t really have a point to make with this post, I just saw yet another picture of yet another sad-eyed pooch and thought yet again, “am I doing enough?”  I don’t honestly know the answer to that question but maybe I’ll ponder it while losing myself in the chocolate gaze that I love so much…
Love bug

Feline Friday-Adoptable Chloe

Beautiful Chloe will be at the Mega Match-a-thon tomorrow.  If you are interested in adding this lovely lady to your home, we hope to see you there tomorrow.  You can read more about her here.

Along with Chloe, the following pooches will be in attendance: Rider, Mitzi, Lottie, BamBam, LuLu, Lola, Sparkles, Chewie, Keelin, Sausage, Addyson and Pursey.

Be sure to stop by and you may be going home with the greatest love of your life.

Ready to Sparkle

The last time I had a guest blogger, Ray wrote a little bit about his fun weekend and we got a lot of good feedback from that post.  It was so popular, that I thought I’d have another guest writer today.  This is Sparkles, Ray’s birth mama.
Hello folks, yes, I am Sparkles.  When my foster mama brought me home, I was in pretty rough shape.  I was a teen mom, being only seventeen months old at the time and having my babies out in the freezing cold.  I tried my best to keep them warm and safe and had them in the only cover I could find-a bush with leaves on ground.  Really I tried my best, but some of them just didn’t make it.  When my Katie-mama brought me to her house she helped me have my other two babies, and she told me to be brave because after tonight I would never have to go through this again.  I’m glad, because even though my four surviving babies are cute and sweet, they nearly killed me.  But I’m not going to dwell on the past and on the negative.  I’m sweet, single and looking for love. 
I’ve been through a lot and people tell me I had a rough start in life, but wanna know something?  I hardly remember the bad days anymore.  I’m so happy now and even though I absolutely LOVE living at Katie-mama’s house, I heard that I would love it even more in a forever home of my own, so that is what I’m hoping for.  But here’s the thing:  I was once sad and skinny and someone even said Sparkles as a name did not fit me.  That is only because of my past.  I am happy and wiggly and waggly and ready to love.  I will show my new people my sparkly personality and lavish them with so much love.  But Sparkles here is a Diva.  I don’t want any of those icky things that they call “cats” in MY house.  I need to be the big deal, A-number one doggie in the house.  I also kind of want my own stuff.  What’s mine is mine and I’m not too good at what they call “sharing” just yet.  Hey, a girl’s gotta eat and when I want to eat, I want it all for myself.  What?  I need to keep my muscles fed.  And muscles I have.  I have some gorgeous, rippling leg muscles.  I would totally love going for walks with my people.  I would love doing anything with my people and when I want you to pet me, you’ll know it.  I will grab your arm with my paw to let you know that it’s Sparkle-time.
Do you know someone who is looking for a single, active, loving companion?  I bet they’re looking for me right now.  Let them know I will be at a singles bar adoption event on Saturday at H.O.P.E in Fort Wayne.  I’ve got no more babies to raise,  I’ve already had my no-more-baby-mama-operation and I would happily go home with you Saturday.  I’m a little easy but no longer sleazy.  Think about it.

One Step Forward

Just like Yin and Yang, and for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction, great days are often followed by not so great days.  While we had a wonderful time over the weekend playing, yard working and just chilling, we had a pretty rough time last night.
I know a big part of this is that Ray is still such a baby, which I tend to forget sometimes.  He learns things so quickly and is eager to win treats gain approval so I forget there are limits to how much fun and excitement he can really bear without getting over stimulated.
Last night the weather was still so beautiful and warm so we headed off for a walk down the street which started off well as usual, but  all of the cars zooming by and all of the smells along the way sent his poor little sensory self into over drive.  We spent a miserable few hours minutes trying to relax enough to get back home without too much trouble and the fact that my feet and hands are pretty much intact and that I didn’t actually cry are good signs.  Back at the house Ray ended up in a time out in his crate which really did him and me a world of good.  A few minutes for everyone to calm down, relax and reset were just the ticket.
Tonight we venture back to that wonderful world of puppy class.  This, I’m sure, will consist of corralling the wild beast while trying to learn our lessons to be practiced at home but there are only two more sessions.  I just need to make a note to expose him more often to various types of stimulus in small doses and not get too wrapped up in the obstacles. 
On a brighter note, this is a picture of Sparkles, Ray’s mama.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Sparkles is a sweet gal who is open for adventure and looking for love.  Her baby-mama days can be classified as pretty much one and done so now she is ready to be your baby love.  Contact SmilingK9s for info, if Sparkles could be the light of your life in your no-cat household.

The Committment

Arriving at the warmth and safety of Katie’s house, she and her awesome kids sprang into action getting Kane settled in and tending to Sparkles.  As you can see from this picture, Sparkle was a bag of pregnant bones and was completely fidgety, probably because she was not done birthing.  One of the kids got her a bowl of food that she scarffed down, though I’m told that is unusual for a dog in labor.  Then we settled in for the pups that were still to come.
After quite a bit of comforting and trying to get Sparkles to relax, in a puddle of greenish black sludge, Ray began to make his entrance in the world.  It wasn’t easy and eventually Katie had to help pull him out, becoming elbow deeply covered with the above mentioned sludge .
My little green guy!  I was slightly smitten already but there was the champagne colored male who looked to become quite the handsome dog and Ray was soon followed by the only girl of the litter.  I was moderately in love with them all, but even that night, I didn’t know one of these sweet little piggies was destined to be mine.
 See?  He had a green tint.
We had had a dog, actually she was very much Kevin’s and when she went to the bridge, I was pretty convinced that I was a cat person.  Only a cat person.  It had been so long since I had a dog that I interacted with as my own and by so long, I mean decades.  Of course I loved Bam Bam, but she really wasn’t mine so when the yearning for another dog hit me, it started growing along with my desire to help in some way.  To really help.  I wanted to foster and I was pretty sure I wanted to foster adult dogs and possibly elderbulls.  I had spent months reading and researching and was sure I could do this but convincing the family was a different matter.
I had gotten Kevin on board with my first love, the Rottweiler, but he then uttered that fateful sentence that changed our lives, “You know, I’d consider adopting a Pitbull, but it would have to be a puppy.”  He was not completely comfortable with the idea because he was still conditioned by so much negativity in the media, but it was a great sign that he was willing to consider it.  Exactly four days later, December 5th, we had officially committed to one of the “Sparkle pups.”